Five Things To Do If You Have a Creative Block

Are you an artist who has no idea what to do next? And this quarantine situation isn’t helping? Well here are five things to do if you’re an artist with a creative block.

1: Try Digital Art 

If you’re into traditional art and do it almost all of the time, it could be fun if you give digital art a try. Not only is it more efficient and has infinite opportunities, but it is also more forgiving. Remove that one line that ruined your masterpiece with the click of a button.  

If you are that type of person who has no art supplies and isn’t bothered to buy any, that is great! Digital art only requires a drawing tablet and a computer or a screen and a stylus. If you don’t have one, why not make it? ↓

2: 5 min Home-made stylus

 A home-made stylus is simple! All you need is a pencil, aluminium foil, tape,  cotton swab and water.

First, cut off the tip of the cotton swab, make sure you have a little bit of the stalk left. If it is plastic it should have a hole going down the centre, push that onto the nib of your pencil and tape it. If it isn’t plastic, tape it down. Next, you want to cut out a piece of aluminium foil the width of the full circumference and height of half the pencil. Place it on your pen. It should be covering the stalk of the swab and the base of the cotton. Make sure you leave half of the cotton exposed and tape, that is your stylus nib. All you need to do now is ever so slightly dampen the tip, and your stylus is ready to go!

3: Take your sketchbooks outside

I find this helpful when I have no idea what to draw. If you can’t go outside because of the situation we are witnessing in 2020, go to your kitchen and cook up incredible works of wonder on paper and blow people’s minds. However, if you are lucky enough to have a garden or even a window, close your eyes and look at a random location. Scan every tiny detail and bring a still masterpiece to life! If you don’t


see anything too exciting, imagine. Transform a simple mushroom into a fairy’s house or a tiny wasp into a battle-ready fighting machine. The possibilities are endless, and I mean it.

4: Fill a page with doodles.

Doodling is mindless drawing and has impressive results when you have an artists block. It is excellent when you need inspiration, as doodling creates new ideas for art. It can also be a cure for stressed designers, so if you need some artwork therapy, look no further.

5: Try drawing something you aren’t good at

Face it, not all artists are perfect first try, and you won’t be too. Have a go at drawing something or using materials you hate. The only way you get better at something is if you try. If it faces you don’t like, watch a youtube video or buy a course. If you can’t remember anything that you used to dislike, look through your sketchbook(s) and jot down anything you could redraw to improve on.

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