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DIY Abstract-style Picture Frames

We have all seen beautiful pieces of art hanging in the picture frames but wouldn’t it be nice if those very frames were a piece of art in their own self? Well, as it happens to be, we come with a very similar DIY project, we would like to call as DIY Abstract-style Picture Frames. For our project, we made use of an ordinary-looking picture frame and dissected it into several pieces to create a new type of picture frame. The great thing about these frames is that you don’t need to insert any painting in them, as they will act as art for themselves.

The DIY abstract-style picture frames is a project that involves a little bit of woodwork and some free time, so starting this at least free up 2 to 3 hours of your time.




Things needed to create these abstract-style picture frames are as follows.

  • Frame
  • Miter saw or an electric saw
  • Spray paint
  • Tape measure
  • Glue gun


Step 1:-

Use the miter saw or the electric saw for cutting the frame into 345 degrees angles as shown in figure down below.


Step 2:-

Cut the disassembled pieces of this frame in a shape as shown in the figure down below. Discard the pink highlighted pieces.

After this, assemble these cut pieces as shown in the figure down below, in correspondence to their numbers.


Step 3:-

Also, label these numbers on the back of the frame as shown in the figure below.


Step 4:-

Add some colorful touches on the front of the cut frame pieces. We made use of pink, blue and yellow colors.


Step 5:-

After the paint on these frame pieces dries up, use the hot glue to assemble the frame. Be sure to hold these pieces for at least 10 seconds after applying the glue.


Step 6:-

Now be sure to add some extra glue on the backside of each frame joint for adding the extra joint strength. Here you go; your abstract-style picture frames are ready. You can either hang them in your living room or pack them in a nice gift box and present them to your friends.


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