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DIY Acorn bird feeder

Who does not like small birds chirping their yard? Well, the thing is that you need to lure these birds to your yard or garden to make a nest and the best way is to provide them with food. We are talking about building a DIY bird feeder for these birds. This is why we bring to you the DIY acorn bird feeder. The wooden bowl on this Diy acorn bird feeder will be a perfect cap as it will be slippery and won’t let the squirrels hold on to it.




In order to make the DIY acorn bird feeder, you will need these following items.

  • Wood bowl
  • Birdseed mix
  • Soda bottle
  • Scissors
  • Sisal rope
  • Gelatin
  • Palm or any other cooking oil spray
  • Drill


Step 1:-

The first step towards making the DIY acorn bird feeder is to wash the empty soda bottle and dry it completely. Now cut this bottle about 4 inches from its base with the help of scissors.

Step 2:-

Drill the hole in the cap of the bottle so that the sisal rope can be passed through it.

Step 3:-

Spray the inner surface of the bottle with any cooking oil as it will allow for the birdseed mold to slide out easily.

Step 4:-

Slide the length of the sisal rope through the earlier drilled hole in bottle’s cap but leave about 5 inches of the rope poking out of this cap while letting 12 inches of it coming out from the other opening.

Step 5:-

Take the gelatin mixture and make it as per the instructions of its packaging. Use the cold water because it will make the gelatin quickly.

Step 6:-

Add the birdseed slowly to this gelatin mix and then mix so the seeds are perfectly coated with the gelatin and are bind with each other nicely. Do not use too much of the gelatin as the birds are not going to eat this gelatin mixed birdseed.

Step 7:-

Use your one hand for holding the rope in the middle of the bottle and then use the other hand for packing the birdseed around your sisal rope.  Keep pushing in the birdseed while packing it firmly down as the rope is kept in the center of the bottle. Fill the bottle to the top and then pack it down again.


Step 8:-

When this mold is done, place it in the fridge for a few hours to set in and then take it out. Let it dry for some hours more.

Step 9:-

As the mold dries up and sets in, drill the hole in the middle of the wooden bowl’s bottom side.

Step 10:-

After the mold has set and is really hard, tap your bottle slightly to release the mold. If you take the bottle’s cap off, it will be easy to release the mold and then t can be pushed from this very end while pulling from the other end to make its shape.

Step 11:-

Knot this rope at the end and then cut off the extra. Place one knot about 1 to 2 inches above the birdseed base and then slide in the wooden bowl on the upside-down. Now knot once more above this bowl and then make the large knot at its top for letting it hang. Cut off any extra rope.

There you have it, hang this DIY Acorn bird feeder in your garden near the trees where the birds can see it and eat it in a relaxed manner.


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