DIY Beach Towel with Stencil Pattern

The project for today is the one for the summertime when you go on the beach but it is winter right now.  Well, the summer might be a long time ahead but it still does not hurt to prepare for it. So let us introduce to you the Diy project Beach Towel with stencil pattern.




Supplies needed for making the beach towel with a stencil pattern are as follows.

  • Beach towel
  • Cardboard with triangle pattern
  • Sponge brushes
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Contact paper
  • Fabric paints


Step 1:-

Take the triangle template; ours is of 2 ½” on its either side.  Measure and mark at least half an inch from either corner along its one edge.


Step 2:-

Use this template for drawing 2 triangles on the back of a contact paper. Along the top edge, draw the marked points while leaving the center clear.


Step 3:-

For the first triangle, draw the parallel V shape in the center of the shape.


Step 4:-

For the 2nd triangle shape, draw about 1/8” inside the triangle’s lines and around the entire shape.


Step 5:-

With a craft knife cut along all these lines.


Step 6:-

Peel the back off of the contact paper and then press it into the place along the towel’s edge. We started working from the middle of the towel and then worked our way outwards for achieving a symmetrical pattern on both sides.


Step 7:-

For painting the pattern on the beach towel, use sponge brushes for dabbing them into paints and then onto the towel through the earlier created template. Be sure that the paint is saturating through the cut lines and onto the towel evenly.

Carefully peel the back of the template and replace it along the towel’s edge. Just make sure that the V shapes are on apart by an equal distance. Keep on stenciling as many rows on the towel as you like.


Step 8:-

Now create another new template on the contact paper but this time cut an entire triangle. Take the shapes from one of the earlier cut shapes from the contract paper and trim 1/8” of it. Place this new template over the painted V shapes for letting the exposed section sit on the top of the paint.


Step 9:-

Now use the sponge brush to paint on the towel once more.


Step 10:-

Peel off the contact paper carefully and continue with the rest of the triangles.


Let the paint dry and afterward cover it the towel with a scrap piece of fabric and then iron over it to let the paint set in.  Here you go; your beach towel witha stencil pattern is complete.


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