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DIY Bear Mug

Christmas is the season of spreading joys by sharing and giving gifts to each other but with all the things being super expensive one finds themselves at loss for buying anything at all. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as we have brought a really super inexpensive DIY gift project for you. The name of this is DIY Bear Mug. You can easily make this DIY Bear Mug and then gift them to your friends and family. The great thing is that the idea can be replicated to nearly create any other mug design too.



  • Porcelain or a ceramic mug
  • Bear illustration
  • Pencil
  • Porcelain marker


Step 1:-

The first step is to get a bear shape template and then print it out on a piece of paper. You can use the template as we have used in our bear mug project.


Step 2:-

Now take the pencil and start tracing the lines on the illustration. A tip here to get the best tracing is to put some pressure behind the pencil.


Step 3:-

Cut this traced image out of the paper and save it for use.


Step 4:-

Now take the backside of this image traced paper and then attach it on the side of the mug with tape. Be sure that all the traced lines of the image are facing your mug.


Step 5:-

Now take the pencil once more and start drawing lines on the backside of this traced paper side. There is no need to be through with it, just have fun.


Step 6:-

Tracing will allow for the drawing of the bear to be drawn onto the mug. This time, be sure to apply some pressure on the pencil while drawing lines so that everything is transferred over to the mug perfectly.


Step 7:-

Now remove the paper carefully as you do not want the trace bear shape to be smudged. Once the paper is removed, you will see that the bear shape is transferred onto the mug.


Step 8:-

Now ready your porcelain marker and start tracing on the lines of this bear shape on the mug.


Step 9:-

After you are done tracing the entire shape of the bear onto the mug, follow the instructions for the porcelain marker to let the ink settle in the artwork. We baked our bear mug in the oven at about 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. After doing this, the porcelain marker ink will be embedded deep into the bear mug and it will be dishwasher safe.


Step 10:-

Now the only thing is to wrap this gift up and also come up with other exciting ideas of tracing different shapes onto your pother mugs.


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