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DIY buckwheat heating pad

If you ever feel cold then one thing that can help you with that is a buckwheat heating pad. We read up the healing properties of the buckwheat and we were amazed to know them. Not only this grain tastes better than much of other grains, but when it is used as a heat or cold pad, it retains the heat or cold much longer than the others. In addition to this, it is least likely to get burnt when it is microwave. One more interesting thing about it is that it is not a grain or a fruit which makes it hypoallergenic in nature.

So are you satisfied with all of the amazing properties and features of buckwheat now? Well, if you are, we have a little DIY buckwheat heating pad project for you to make.



You will need these following supplies for making this DIY buckwheat heating pad.

  • A hand-knitted pad
  • Piece of fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Piece of paper
  • Buckwheat


Step 1:-

The first thing in making this DIY buckwheat heating pad is to knit the cover piece for the heating pad. You need to make it of the shape that you want the heating pad to be of. Place the knitted piece in a flat position and then stretch it slightly.


Step 2:-

Cut the cotton in 2 exactly similar pieces in a manner that they are a little bigger than the knitted piece.


Step 3:-

Take the 2 cotton pieces and place your knitted piece in between them as if you are putting a photo in a frame.


Step 4:-

Now start sewing around the edges to make sure that all 3 layers are properly sewn shut. Only leave the opening of about 2 inches in length.


Step 5:-

Now simply turn this heating pad design inside out.


Step 6:-

Make a small funnel of the paper and use that to fill this sack with the buckwheat but only half of it so that the sack still remains a little loose. This will allow for the buckwheat heating pad to take the shape of whatever you wish to warm up later.


Step 7:-

Use the blind stitch for closing this heating pad up and this is it. Now simply place your buckwheat heating pad in the microwave for heating up. After 1 minute take it out and shake it and place it for one more minute in the microwave. After that simply apply this buckwheat heating pad on any body part you wish to apply heat to.

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