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DIY candle holder on a cobbler’s stand

When the log day of the summer comes to an end, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on your chair by the front porch and look at the sunset. And if you happen to have candlelight near you, seeing it flickering in the dimming sunlight is a relaxing thing to do. The flickering of the candle adds to the overall peaceful mood. The thing about these candles is that whenever you are outside, the wind is their enemy.

Today, we like to present a DIY idea for the candle holders which were have named s DIY candle holder on a Cobbler’s stand. As you read it, the project makes use of a cobbler show stand as its mold is really heavy to withstand any kind of wind. The design of the cobbler’s sand also adds a romantic feel to you Mason jar candle holder. Moving this candle holder on cobbler’ stand is also really easy.




For making the DIY candle holder on a cobbler’s stand, you will need the following supplies.

  • A hardback book
  • Cobbler’s stand and its mold
  • Mason jar
  • Candle
  • Sand
  • 4 screws of ¾”
  • Drill
  • Crocheted trim
  • Crafter’s Good


Step 1:-

Mark an area with the pencil as to where the screw will go for attaching the cobbler stand onto the base of the book for making the candle holder.


Step 2:-

Take the drill bit and start drilling in some holes of the same diameter as the screws.  The size of these screws will depend on the slots of the cobbler’s stand.


Step 3:-

Attach this cobbler stand onto the hardback book with the screws.


Step 4:-

Attach the trim to your mason jar. For this part, you can also make use of a piece of fabric or wire. The main thing here is to keep the wire or the trim away from the Mason jar’s opening and the flame of the candle. If you have used trim or a wire which is thin, place 2 beads of the Crafter’s Goop on the shoe mold’s top for preventing the trim or wire from sliding.


Step 5:-

There it is: your candle holder on a cobbler’s stand is ready. Simply take it outside during the sunset time and enjoy as the sunlight dims and the flickering light of the candle lights the area around you free from the worry of strong wind.


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