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DIY centerpiece made from glass sconces

Today we came up with a fun Diy idea to add to the decor of your living room. The name of the DIY project is the Centerpiece made from glass scones. For this you are going to need a few of the glass scones; they are the ones that are used often for the light fixtures. Try to get these from a thrift shop where you will get them for cheap. Adding these scones onto a brass base will give you a nice wooden votive centerpiece.




Materials needed to make this glass centerpiece from scones are as follows.

  • Glass scone shades: we used the ones with the 1 ½ inches fitter base
  • Tea lights or small candles: 3
  • A piece of wood which is about 22 inches in length and 1 inch in thickness
  • Drill
  • Paddle bit of 1 5/8 inches, this is also known as Boring bit
  • Chop saw or the hand saw
  • Sand paper
  • Tape measure
  • Wood stain
  • Water sealant
  • Paintbrush
  • Rag


Step 1:-

First thing first is to take all the scone glass pieces and clean them with water and then thoroughly dry them.

Step 2:-

Now lay all of these scone pieces on the wood piece and make an estimate for the configuration.  After you are done with a layout of our choice, mark the wood for the area which you might need to cut off. Cut the wood to the desired length. We went with 22 inches length.

Step 3:-

With the help of the tape measure, mark the center for your 3 scone pieces as here they will be for the centerpiece. We placed these scones in the center of the wood and put them apart with even spacing along the entire wood’s length. We made the marks at 5 inches, 11 inches, and at 17 inches but in the end, it is going to depend on the kind of glass scone you are using.


Step 4:-

Now put the scone on the mark and with a pencil trace the scones inside the circle at its base.


Step 5:-

Add the brig bit to your drill and start drilling a hole in the center of the marks you had traced earlier. The drill will start to chip the wood little by little so be sure to clean off the saw dust in between the drilling. Drill three holes for 1 5/8 inches that are half an inch deep.


Step 6:-

Fit the glass scones into these holes to check them and the base will be sitting perfectly in these holes and will be able to prevent the scones from moving.

Step 7:-

With a brush and a rag, stain the wood in an open area. Let the wood dry up before adding the coat o protective water sealant to make it more durable.

Step 8:-

Now place your glass scones in their respective holes and also place tea lights inside each of the glass scones. Thee you have it, your centerpiece made from glass scones is ready. Light up the candles to enjoy the dinner date with that special someone.


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