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DIY Christmas garlands

Christmas is soon going to be here and with that everyone is looking for ways to make their homes more decorative than the others. For the past few days, we have been raking up ideas for Christmas decorations and this time we have come up with another one. This time it is the DIY Christmas Garland. Making it is really simple and the best thing it won’t cost you much. Our Christmas garland will be a great spin on the traditional garlands as we will be making use of numerous things that are lying around the house.




The project is really simple to recreate as t makes use of the ordinary holiday ornaments that everyone has lying around their house. All the possible things that you will require for making this DIY Christians garland are as follows.

  • Holiday ornaments of varying sizes, shapes and colors
  • Ribbons, yarn, twine, wire, and chain; basically everything that can be used for as a storing
  • holiday accouterments such as the pinecones, jingle bell garland and miniature nutcrackers


Step 1:-

First, attach a piece of ribbon to each one of your holiday ornaments and the length of them should be about a foot and a half.


Step 2:-

Once all of the ornaments have their ribbons, separate these ornaments into a group of three or as much you like to have arranged for hanging them. Tie all of these ribbon groups in one knot near about 5 inches from their ends.


Step 3:-

Take an additional thick ribbon like the one made from twine, chain, and yarn and it should be about 2 feet in length. Tie a knot on the base of the previously grouped ribbons and then start wrapping this bigger and thicker ribbon onto the first one. It can be tight or loose; any way you like it.

Pour suggestion here is to tie it tight at the end and then as you go up, make it a little loose.


Step 4:-

On the additional 5 inches of the ribbon’s top, fold over and then form a loop as shown in the figure below. Tie this to the base of the ribbon and then hold it in its place.


Step 5:-

Here you go; your Christians garland with all the ornaments you love is made. Now simply hang it over your door or the Christians tree.  People are surely going to admire your Christmas spirit for making something unique.


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