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DIY Clay Coasters for Winter

If you are someone who loves to make little decorations for the winter holidays, then we have a special treat for you today. Today, we bring to you the DIY clay coaster for winter and they are super easy to make. All you will require for making these little clay coasters is some clay and the cookie cutters of the shapes you like. So why use the ordinary-looking coasters for the holidays, why not spice things up a little bit that can help to describe the seasonal theme as well. Well, we are pretty sure that after reading our little Diy clay coaster project, you will be itching to start on it right away.




The DIY project of clay coasters for winter does not require too many items and what is required is easily available either in your home or at a local craft store.  As for the time, it will only take a short while to make these cute little clay coasters.

  • Tree and snowflake-shaped cookie cutters
  • Oven dry clay: we recommend buying it in different colors like white, silver, green and blue.
  • A rolling pin
  • Parchment paper
  • A cooking sheet used for baking cookies


The instructions to making these clay coasters are really simple and we have laid them out in a step by step manner for your ease.

Step 1:-

Place the piece of parchment paper first on a surface. Take the ball of your white clay and then add in it the Blue colored clay. Mold this clay a little bit with hands for creating the Marble Effect.


Step 2:-

Take the rolling pin out and start rolling this marled clay to a flat shape. Be sure to make the thickness of this clay at about ¼ inch.


Step 3:-

Take the cookie cutters you like and then start cutting the clay as you do for the cookie dough.


Step 4:-

Follow the clay package instructions at which temperature the clay needs to be baked.  After baking the clay, remove it from the oven and then let it cool down for getting hard and use.

Place them over the dinner table during the holidays or they can also be used as the nifty little gifts to give out in your Christmas greeting boxes that you send to your friends and family every year. We are sure that everyone is going to like them and will ask you where you bought them.


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