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DIY Cleaning Method For Refreshing Your Fabric Couch

There is nothing better than a long day of work but just to sit back on your comfy couch and relax. However, all of that peacetime can be disturbed greatly if the couch is smelly and is riddled with grease marks from the last night’s fast food meal or a splash of that wine. Those spills, smells, and stains can tend to build up over the course of time and pretty soon your couch will be begging for having a deep cleaning.

The DIY cleaning method for refreshing your couch fabric we present today is also going to take care of those dead skin cells that are usually not very much visible. If your couch has the fabric made of cotton, wool or linen, then this is the DIY cleaning method for it.


Identifying the Fabric

Couches often come in lot of materials and shapes with some of them having those removable cushions that can be washed easily. If your couch is made from materials like cotton or linen, then our DIY cleaning method can easily get rid of any stains and smells with the use of natural ingredients.

But before you start the DIY cleaning of the couch; be sure to figure out as to what the fabric is made of. Most of the couches come with a tag that identifies them as follows.

  • W: it is Ok for cleaning it with water.
  • S: only use the solvent-based cleaner for cleaning the fabric.
  • SW: both solvent-based cleaner and water are safe for cleaning the fabric.
  • X: only clean the couch with the use of a vacuum.

Prepping the Couch

The first step is to prep your couch for deep cleaning and for that you will need a washcloth or a hand towel for cleaning the entire furniture. Be sure to clean any of the dried up spots as well as remove any bits of dust from the nooks and crannies.

For this step, we recommend the use of a stiff brush but avoid using those colored sponges or towels as their dye can alter the color of the couch.


Deep Cleaning

No sprinkle a good amount of baking soda over your entire couch’s fabric. Baking soda will work by releasing those nasty smells as well as breaking up the stains; buried deep in the fabric. For a more serious clean, we recommend adding the Carpet Cleaner in your baking soda and then cover the whole couch with the material.

Let the baking soda sit in for about 20 minutes before using a vacuum that has a brush attachment.


Stains, No More

Now be sure to take a good look on the couch for any of the stains that you have missed., mix some of the easy cleaning solutions and a little fabric spotting test at the couch’s unseen location to check if it causes any discoloration or not.

Dip a dry washcloth in this cleaning solution and then dab it gently over the stains and rub it. The results will surely amaze you.


Feels Like New Once More

Now let your couch dry out on its own and give it any touchup that you see fit. Before drying up completely, the couch will give off a dark color. This same DIY cleaning method is safe to use of other fabrics.

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