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DIY Clock made of tin letterpress

The Altoids tin DIY projects are really popular due to them being very cute to complete and this time we have made sue of the letterpress for completing the DIY Clock made of tin letterpress. This DIY clock made of tin letterpress is really a great one for hanging in the kitchen. Instead of attaching our clock directly on the card, we used the Altoids tin for giving it extra support. This also helps to hide the mechanism and adds a little weight to the clock.




Supplies for making the clock made of tin letterpress are as follows.

  • Altoids tin
  • Drill
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint
  • Clock kit
  • Glue
  • Foam core


Step 1:-

Take the top part of the Altoids tin off and then place the clock base inside it. Hold & press on the top over the tin lining up with where it would be after it is closed and pressed down. The clock base will form a small dent in the tin so this will give you the point where you will need to drill.

Step 2:-

Drill in a hole for where the clock shaft will be poking through.

Step 3:-

Put a battery in this clock and then stick the base through the top of the tin ad follow the instruction for securing the clock to the tin with the given hardware.

Step 4:-

For changing the color of the clock, first, spray paint it with a primer and then a color of your choice and let it dry.

Step 5:-

After the clock hands are all dried up, place them on the card where you wanted it to be. Be sure about placing it so that the area will hide the entire Altoids tin after the clock is attached. Mark for the area where the center of the clock will be on the card with a pencil.

Step 6:-

With an X-Acto knife, cut a small hole that you had marked earlier.

Step 7:-

Cut out another matching hole in the foam core for letting the clock shaft to poke through and glue this foam cord to the card.

Step 8:-

Place your art on the clock shaft and attach the hands and then tighten them as directed.

Step 9:-

With this, all of the clock mechanism and the face is attached on top of the tin and then place the top on the base of the tin. Snap over the hinges but do not put hinges on back together.

Step 10:-

If you wish, add in the magnets to attach this clock made of tin letterpress on either a fridge or other metallic surface or simply use it as an old fashioned table clock.


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