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DIY coiled rope basket

A rope is one of the amazing materials that have been used for centuries to make things of daily usage. Over the centuries it has evolved and nowadays it is used in the DIY projects. Today we bring to you one similar rope DIY project where we ill be making a coiled rope basket.

The materials for this coiled rope basket are simple and it will literally cost you only a few bucks to make it.




Supplies for the DIY coiled rope basket are as follows.

  • Cotton rope of 3/8 inches thickness and 5-yard length
  • Tacky glue
  • Wide-eyed needle
  • Size #18 twisted mason line
  • Glue gun


Step 1:-

Start making the coiled rope basket by dabbing some glue at the tip of your cotton rope so its end won’t fray. After this, start coiling the rope and add on a little glue on the perimeter of this coiled rope.


Step 2:-

Pull this rope tightly around the oiled rope and then continue to glue and wrapping it periodically while holding the entire rope in place for letting the glue to adhere.


Step 3:-

Continue making a coiled rope circle until it is 4.5 inches in diameter or whatever size you want the basket to be of.


Step 4:-

For making the edges of the coiled rope basket, glue in-between the side and top of the rope while wrapping your rope tightly with the glue and holding for at least 30 seconds to let it adhere completely. Moving upwards, wrap and then glue the rope twice across the circle.


Step 5:-

Thread the needle with twisted mason line and point the needle inside the top of your rope basket. Leave a little bit of the tail before starting to wrap this neon line around the rope layer while securing its tail.


Step 6:-

Continue to wrap the neon line for about 2 inches.


Step 7:-

Secure the end on the rope’s top just below it and then sew the rope’s tail into what you had wrapped.


Step 8:-

Cut this line as close as you can.


Step 9:-

Glue this rope onto the previous circle for 2 more inches and then repeat this same step for 2 more times as you wrap the line around this rope. After you reach the 2nd row, line up the mason line about ½-inch before the wrapped section of the rope. Continue with this pattern until the desired effect is achieved.

After making two rows of rope, do this step in reverse; wrapping the ½ inch after the previous rope row’s wrapped section starts. For achieving an egg-like shape for your coiled rope basket, when you reach the 4th wrapped pattern row section, pull this rope inward. This will make the opening of the coiled rope basket narrow.


Step 10:-

After the coiled rope basket pattern is finished, glue another row of rope on the top and trim this rope at the end. Put some hot glue on the tip of this final rope row and tuck it to one side of the last row.


And this is it: you are done.

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