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DIY Cork Trivets

The DIY project for today is especially for the ladies that are troubled with the stains of the dish bowls that sometimes ruin their table cloths.  The name of our DIY project is Cork Trivets in which we will tell you how to make a simple star-shaped trivet by using nothing more than a cork sheet.

Do not get worried about this Cork Trivet to be a difficult project; it will be over in a few minutes. Once these Cork Trivets are ready, you can say goodbye to those nasty oily stains that might ruin your tablecloths.




Things you will need for making these Diy cork trivets are as follows.

  • A flat corkboard
  • Matt cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Sharpie
  • template for any shape you would lie for the Cork Trivets to be in


As we said earlier, making these DIY Cork trivets is really simple and requires only a few minutes of your time. It won’t be a hard task to do the cutting on this corkboard as well.

Step 1:-

Print the template you wish for your cork trivets to be of. We went ahead with a star template and if you are making big cork trivets, tape the template paper on the corkboard.


Step 2:-

If you purchased the corkboard in the rolled-up form, be sure to flatten it out straight. One way for doing this is to place some heavy books on the corkboard after straightening it. Flattening the corkboard will take some time so we advise you to buy a flat one from the start. These corkboard sheets can be purchased from any craft store.

Step 3:-

Gather all of the materials needed for making these cork trivets on a work surface that is flat.


Step 4:-

Take the corkboard and place your star template over it. With the Sharpie or a marker, mark the shape of the template onto the corkboard.


Step 5:-

With the help of a mat cutter, cut the shape of the template that you had marked on the corkboard. Repeat these same steps for as many cork trivets as you would like to have.


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