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DIY dip-dye Pillow & Lamp

The project for today is the Diy dip-dye Pillow & Lamp which will help brighten up your dark looking apartment with a jolt of summer touch. For those of you who have around there house plain lampshades or pillows, then you can easily use them to create a new set of the home textiles to add some fresh color. Dip dye in our today’s Diy process is a really easy process. One only needs to adjust the color saturation by adding dye or water and dipping the fabric until the desired results are achieved.




Supplies you will need to recreate the DIY dip-dye Pillow & Lamp are as follows.

  • Buckets of varying sizes
  • Liquid or powdered dye such as the RIT dye for textiles and can be bought from any craft store
  • Fabric or pillowcases which are pre-washed
  • Fabric lampshade
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray water bottle


Step 1:-

Mix the dyes in the bucket s per the instructions on the packets of dyes. Most of the dye packets recommend mixing them with warm water. If one has many buckets then it is best to have 2 buckets with the same dye color but of different saturation. If one decides to use 1 bucket for the entire DIY project and to get an ombre effect, start with the dye when it is least concentrated and then add in dye as you go on dipping the fabric in the bucket.

Step 2:-

Dampen the pillowcase or the lampshade with some water sprayed by a spray water bottle but be sure that the water is not dripping off of it. This dampen fabric allows for the dye to be taken in by the fabric evenly.


Step 3:-

Now dip the pillowcase or the lampshade in the dye bucket. For the pillowcase, you can do it efficiently by folding its fabric to a smaller width prior to dipping. By doing this, the dye will create a horizontal line on the fabric.


Step 4:-

Dip the fabric in dye bucket several times at varying depths for creating the Ombre Effect and continue adding the dye in the bucket after you have dipped the fabric a few times. Now when you dip the fabric again in the dye bucket it will have a darker color line and will also blend in with the previous dyed area.

Step 5:-

After you are done dipping the fabric, hang the fabric outside on a clothesline and let it air dry.

Step 6:-

After the lampshade is dried up completely place it over the lamp once more. As for the pillowcases, sew them back on the pillows. There you have it; your DIY dip-dye Pillow & Lamp are complete. This same project can be used for making the dip & dye table linens, bed sheets or napkins.


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