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DIY doily pattern side table

Have you walked into a hardware store and noticed they sell the selection of the tapered wooden legs for tables? Well if your local hardware store has them, then you my friend, can make your very own table for the beside or for the dining room. These legs often come in varying heights such as from 4 inches to 28 inches. We were inspired to see these tapered table legs and decided to do something unique. We took the ordinary table and the ordinary paper doily to make a doily pattern side table with it. All it needed was a doily paper to act as the stencil and the spray paint of our liking, which is blue by the way.

So what do you say, do you want to make a doily pattern side table for your room as well?




Materials needed to make the doily pattern side table are really inexpensive. The only substantial money you need to spend might be on those tapered wooden legs and the tabletop. As for the doily pattern, you can simply print the one you like from the internet. All in all, the materials required for making the doily pattern side table are as follows.

  • Pre-cut MDF or plywood round wooden log of 18 inches diameter; they can be bought from a hardware store
  • 2 cans of the different colors spray paint
  • 10 inches paper doily
  • Blue painter tape
  • 4 of the tapered wooden legs with their hardware for attachment
  • Screwdriver


Follow the down below step by step instructions to amok your very own doily pattern side table.

Step 1:-

The first step is to paint the tabletop with either the latex paint or the spray paint. After painting, let it dry for a bit.

Step 2:-

Now take the paper doily and place it in the middle of this painted tabletop. Secure the paper doily on the top with a few pieces of the painter’s tape. For having crisp edges of the doily paper, we recommend sticking the paper doily with tabletop with the help of the spray adhesive, which is low tack.

Step 3:-

Now tape off all the sides of the tabletop and then start applying the coat of the spray paint on the paper doily directly. Be careful not to get the paint underneath the edges of the tabletop.


Step 4:-

After the paint is fully dried up, removed the paper doily off of the tabletop carefully but first removing the blue painter’s tape.

Step 5:-

Now simply attach the tapered wooden legs to the underneath of the table. Each leg should be 2 inches inside the sides of the tabletop. To attach these legs, sue the hardware and the screws that are provided with the tapered legs.

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