DIY Droog hanger lamp

A very interesting little living fixture project went about our eyes and we could not hold it in to not share with our beloved readers. This project made use of the wooden pant/skirt hanger and a Droog to hold side a lighting fixture to make a unique lamp for your room.

The project is a really interesting one that only requires a little bit of woodworking knowledge. Apart from that, the materials are already in your house.


The materials required to make the DIY Droog hanger lamp are as follows.

  • A wooden pant/skirt hanger which ahs wire clips
  • Two Bamboo skewers
  • One strip of the balsa wood with 4*24 inches measurement
  • X-Acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Bulb kit
  • A 40 watt low fluorescent bulb that does not causes any temperature issues
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters


Step 1:-

With the help of the wire cutters carefully take out the wire portion out of your wooden pant hanger.

Step 2:-

Measure and then cut your 4 inches balsa strip 2 inches shorter than the length of the hanger.

Step 3:-

Measure the center of this balsa wood strip and mark it down with a dot and then measure out the diameter of the bulb kit socket. The ordinary bulb kit socket is about 1.25 inches. Draw circle of that diameter on the dot mark you made on the balsa wood. We made it a little small because you can always adjust the hole as per your requirement later. You want the hole to be big enough so that the socket can fit around it but still be able to close the top portion of the bulb kit.

Step 4:-

On the top and the bottom edges of the balsa wood, make 4 inches of marking inwards and 1 inch inwards on each side. Place a rule on these lines and then with help of the X-Acto Knife, cut these triangle sides off from the balsa wood.

Step 5:-

With help of the X-Acto knife, round off the corners a little bit. Line the center of the hanger with the center of your freshly cut balsa strip and then with a ruler, mark the place for the hole of the hanger which earlier had a wire coming out of them.

Step 6:-

With help of the X-Acto knife once more make 3 inches long bamboo skewers and also cut a few of the wooden squares of ¼ inch width from the balsa wood. Test your skewers by putting them inside the hole of the hanger that once had the wire. If the skewers are too wide, then with help of an awl, widen them up a little. You will want to have these bamboo skewers be fitted inside the hangers perfectly and also be able to remove them when you want them. Now glue the bottom of the bamboo skewers with the wooden squares and let the glue dry up completely.

Step 7:-

With the help of the sharp pencil, make little holes through these marks on the balsa strip you placed earlier by placing the hanger. Now thread the freed up ends of the bamboo skewers through these holes until the balsa wood strip is placed over the balsa wood squares on each side.

Step 8:-

Put a little glue over these balsa wood squares and then push the balsa strip with some pressure which will cause them to adhere to each other securely.

Step 9:-

Add little dabs of the glue on the top edges of your bamboo skewers and then wedge these skewers into the hanger holes which once had the wire attachment. Now simply place the bulb kit through the hole you made earlier in the balsa strip and then secure the plastic attachment. As for the cord of the bulb kit, let it rest on the back of the balsa strip and let it hang while placing the low watt florescent bulb in the socket.

Step 10:-

You are done with the wooden part, now simply put a sweater or a shirt on this hanger and light the bulb up. The balsa strip shape is going to balloon the clothing a little to avoid it from getting in contact with the bulb directly. In addition to this, it will also give it a nice 3D effect.

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