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DIY embroidered logs

Today we are presenting to you a DIY project that mixes the woodwork plus the embroidery art in one great yet simple DIY project. The name of this DIY project is DIY embroidered logs. You won’t be bothered in using the power drills to make the DIY embroidered logs and the end result will be a great Diy gift for the last minute. These embroidered logs are as per easy to make and they only cost bare minimum as the only money you will spend is going to be on the logs. They can even be made while watching a movie.



Supplies you will need to make these DIY embroidered logs are as follows.

  • Wood slices, which can be bought easily for cheap from a craft store. We went ahead and bought the balsa wood slices
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Drill and the small drill bit
  • Pencil
  • Scrap piece of the wood


As we said earlier that making these DIY embroidered logs is really easy and cheap. Still, to help you make them much easier, we have laid down step by step instructions.

Step 1:-

The first step in making these DIY embroidered logs is to draw the design on the wood with a pencil lightly which you would later embroider over them. If you are not confident of your drawings kills, simply make a perfect design on a piece of paper and then use the carbon paper for tracing the design over the wood. A simple sketch will be just fine for these DIY embroidered logs.

Step 2:-

Place the wood slice’s design side facing on a scrap wood piece and use the drill for making the small holes right through the wood slice. Keep these holes about ¼-inch apart from each other and make the holes like these all the way around the design’s lines. Try to keep these holes evenly space but do not fret over them being perfect. The closer the holes are to each other, the more detailed the end embroidery design is going to be.

Step 3:-

Brush off the excessive sawdust and the wood bits from the drilled wood. Wipe the surface of the wood slice clean with a damp piece of cloth and let the wood dry for a bit.


Step 4:-

Take the embroidery needle and double-thread it and then make the large double knot near the end of the thread. Start from the back of the slice and pull the needle through the hole near the design’s edge. Working around this design, thread through the hole and then down to the very next hole. Then thread back up through the adjacent hole and then back down the preceding hole for creating the continuous line. After you are finished with the embroidery of the design, knot this thread on the wood’s underside and cut off the extra thread.


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