DIY fan blades with chevron pattern

The last thing you want to appear stylish is the ceiling fan but it never hurts to try new things. Sometimes you move into a new place and see the fan and do not like it at all. However, instead of replacing the fan you just stick with it and only talk to your friend or family saying how you do not like this fan. Same was the case for us but we decided to up things a little bit and decided to make it a little bit stylish to hide its ugliness.

We completed the DIY project of covering fan blades with a chevron pattern. The whole process, including mounting and dismounting the fan for ceiling took a few hours. But the end result is going to make your fan look cool while keeping you cool. The possibilities with this DIY ceiling fan styling is that you cannot just choose the chevron pattern but any other pattern you like. Still, let’s start with our DIY ceiling fan with chevron pattern.

Roof Fan


Materials required to make your ceiling fan stylish are as follows.

  • Frisket film that can be bought from a store for art supplies
  • A computer, a printer and a paper
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint
  • Screwdriver
  • Masking tape
  • Spray adhesive


Step 1:-

First, take the chevron pattern that is down below and print it on a piece of paper.

Fan Blades Materials

Step 2:-

Take the spray adhesive and put it on the paper pattern’s backside and then onto the non-sticky side of your frisket appear.  Cut the frisky appear in a zigzag manner.

Step 3:-

Take off the fan from the ceiling carefully and if you have never done things of such sorts, it is going to take a little bit of your time. After removing the fan, remove all the blades of the fan and clean them thoroughly.

Step 4:-

Peel off the zigzag tip of the frisket paper carefully so that the sticky paper side is exposed. Lay the zigzag strips on to the fan blade and then peel off the paper.  To make it stick well on the fan, apply some masking tape over it. Stick on as many zigzag patterns over the fan blades as you like.

Step 5:-

Use the masking tape to mask off the edges for the fan blades and other parts of the fan that you want to avoid getting painted.

Step 6:-

After doing this start spraying the paint over the fan blade and let the paint dry for a few hours.  After the paint is all dried up, peel off the masking tape from the fan blades and that is it. Now put the whole fan back together and once more mount it on the ceiling.

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