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DIY feather pen for stationery kit

In old days writing letters was a common practice when one did not have the means to have the luxury of communications such as the radio or telephone. While the method was a crude one and a time consuming one, it still had an essence which is lacking in this modern world. Now the world of today is filled with wondrous technologies that have made communication a breeze. You can be sitting in one corner of the world in the comfort of your home and with either a messaging service, call service or a video call service; you can be in the company of your loved ones like they are in front of you.

Still, nothing beats the joy of writing a letter to your friend or a loved one. It requires time and also gives a person time to think clearly about what they really want to convey. And admit it; receiving a letter in this age is an exciting thing. This is the reason, schools around the world have started pen pal projects where you get to make a friend abroad that you never met and write them letters, making exchange of your cultures.

Taking this into account, we decided to present to you a DIY feather pen for stationary kit. Our project aims to put an ordinary ballpoint and place it over the quill pen. The project is not at all costly or difficult to perform. You can buy the ordinary white feathers from any craft store and then due them with RIT of your own color choice. These feathers actually soak in the dye really beautifully.

So let’s get on with the DIY feather pen for the stationary kit.


Materials required for the DIY feather pens for stationary kit are not only super easy to purchase, they are also super cheap.

  • Computer and a printer
  • Papers
  • Envelopes
  • Feathers
  • Short pen with ink refills
  • RIT dye
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


This project, as we said earlier, is insanely easy to make. In fact it is so simple that near the end you would start making more and more of these feather pens and start giving them out as gifts. For your ease, we have laid down step by step instructions on the DIY feather pen for stationary kit.

Step 1:-

Take a pan which can easily have your feathers submerged in it. Fill this pan with about ¾ inches of hot water and then add in the RIT dye. The color in the hot water takes effect really quickly. So, if you do not want the color to be dark, then you need to use as little of the dye as you can and use it fast. Gently take the feathers and soak them in this dye water until the feather is fully submerged. After the feathers have been dyed, allow them to dry off.

Step 2:-

Take the scissors and cut off the feathers tips from the bottom end which is closed off.

Step 3:-

Cut the excessive plastic tube of the ink refill.

Step 4:-

Insert this cut off ink refill in the feather and hopefully it won’t need glue to stay inside. If the ink refill is loose, try securing it in place with a dab of glue.

Step 5:-

Now all that is left is to write write and write some more.

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