DIY Floor Lamp made with Copper & Branch

The project we bring today is a tribute to the coming of the autumn. The DIY project is the Floor lamp made with copper and branch of wood. The project requires you to have just the right piece of corked branch of tree and some creativeness to make yourself a floor lamp to add a little nature inside your house.


  • A large branch of wood that is not too straight or too much twisty. It should have a nice arc and should also be at least 1.5 inches in thickness.
  • A piece of stump which you can buy from a lumber yard or can be bought at any craft store.
  • Little Eye hooks: 4 to 5 of them
  • Back lamp cord of 15 to 20 inches length
  • A socket kit for chandelier
  • Copper pipe of 6 inches length with a diameter of half an inch
  • Copper coupling of ½ to ¾ inches
  • Copper elbow of 90-dgree which should have a diameter of  half an inch
  • A copper coupling of ¾ inches
  • High glossy paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • Palm sander
  • Drill which has a standard bit along with a boring bit called Paddle Bit of 1.5 inches and boring paddle bit of half an inch
  • A 40 watt lightbulb of the size of a chandelier


Step 1:-

Take the wood stump and sand its top side which you are going to place the wooden branch. To make the bottom edge of the wooden branch, cut its bottom edge. Now hold this wooden branch over the smooth work surface of the stump to get the right placement position. We decided to place ours off the center to add the look for a vintage lamp but you can go ahead and place it right in the middle. Trace the placement area with help of a pencil.

Step 2:-

Now take out the drill with the 1.5 inches boring bit to make a hole right in the middle of the stump where you are going to place the branch. Now take the small drill bit, most likely a 1/8 inches drill bit to make a pilot hole right in the middle of this big hole all the way to the other side.

This is going to be the pilot hole for the nail or the screw that you will be using to embed in the stump and the branch from stump’s bottom.

Step 3:-

Now pour in some large quantity of wood glue on the bottom of the wooden branch and then in the hole that you made on the stump. Now place the branchy firmly inside this glue filled stump hole.

Place a tape on the bottom side of the stump to keep the glue secure in place and let the glue dry for some time. We recommend placing the wooden branch placed inside the hole while leaning against a wall to keep it in place as the glue dries up.

Step 4:-

After the glue has completely dried up and the wooden branch is holed up firmly in the stump hole, now comes the part to secure it in place firmly.  Take a nail or a screw and then attach it from the base of the stump through the pilot hole that we had drilled earlier.

We would like to point out that adding a screw or a nail is not a necessary step but it adds for an extra stability on top of the wood glue.

Step 5:-

Now comes the assembly of the copper pipes and the copper fittings. You can do it as per shown in the figure down below. After they are all assembled up, hold this assembled copper tubing to the part of the branch where you need it to be. Mark the point where this copper pipe is going to come out from along with marking the point on the pipe where it will hit the backside of the wooden branch. This will allow for you to get a correct length of the pipe to cut it.

Step 6:-

With help of the drill with half an inch drill bit, make a hole straight through the branch. To avoid breaking or cracking the branch piece into two, drill the hole slowly and steadily. You are going to need a hole in the branch that is ¼ inches in diameter. Now use the pipe cutter to cut the pipe to the length you marked earlier.

Step 7 (i):-

This step is a two parter involving preparation of the copper parts. To assemble these copper parts, remove stickers from them and then clean them. With scissors carefully cut the lamp cord for 1 inch to expose its copper wires inside. One of these copper wires will be completely smooth while the other one will have slight ridges. As for the chandelier socket, one of them is going to be either brass or gold in color while the other one will be in silver color.

Wrap the wire with ridges on the silver screw and the smooth cord on the gold screw as shown in the figure down below. After that, slide up the cardboard protection over this socket once more.

Step 7 (ii):-

After this, thread the ½ inches to ¾ inches copper coupling on the cord as the larger side is going to face the socket and then slip it all the way to the top of the chandelier socket. Slide the copper elbow on the cord as well and then ft both these 2 copper pipes with each other.

After this, also slide the last of the ¾ inches copper coupling on the cardboard sleeve so the copper coupling will have some extension a little beyond the protective cardboard sleeve as shown in figure down below.

Step 8:-

Now thread the cord through the hole and then allow it to pass through the copper tubing but refrain from extending it all the way out. After this attach those little eye hooks to allow the cord match the curves on the branch. Thread your cord through these small hooks.

Step 9:-

Now comes decorating your lamp and start by painting the top of the stump with 3 coats of the high gloss paint. Allow each coat to dry before applying the second one. To avoid painting the cord, tape it up.

Step 10:-

Now simply install the plug on the lamp cord’s end using the wiring technique you saw earlier in Step 7.

Take off the rubber on the last 1 inch socket to reveal the copper wires and then twist these copper wires on the screws of the socket. Be sure to paint the ridge copper cord with silver screw and the smooth one with brass or gold screw.

Attach you 40-watt bulb and place the lamp in any place you deem fit and turn on the lights.

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