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DIY Floral Staircase for Parties

How does having a staircase in your home sound, which is adorned with all the favorite flowers of yours along with some shrubbery? Wouldn’t this type of staircase make up for a great party attraction? Or you can simply have the floral staircase in the house where you can sit with your children. Bask yourself and your children in the glory of nature right inside your house.


We were pretty inspired by the idea of having a floral staircase for parties and decided why not share it with our beloved readers. This is why today we present this amazing Diy project of a floral staircase for parties.




Materials needed to make the floral staircase for parties are as follows.

  • Floral plants of your choice including some long foliage
  • Floral Foam
  • Scissors
  • Foams
  • Bucket


Follow the down below instructions in order to make your own floral staircase for parties with ease. It is going to be a little time consuming but the results will make the time spent worth it.

Step 1:-

At first, we tried to make use of the chicken wire, moss, shallow containers for holding the height of the floral pants but nothing seemed to work until we found the Floral Foam. In the case of making a floral staircase, this thing works like a charm. To make our floral staircase, we made use of 5 of these floral foam bricks.


The first step is to soak these floral foams by placing them inside a large bucket of water and wait until they get submerged on their own. After they are completely wet, take them out and place them over a tray and then secure on the tray with some waterproof tape.


Step 2:-

Now, this is a tricky part and it will depend upon the design of your staircase. Whatever it is, place all of these foams on the steps with one on each step. A tip here is that you can leave one step from below as the tall flowers are going to cover up the gaps in between the steps.



We recommend placing the branches of blossoms and foliage on the first step as you cover the first foam. When it comes to foliage for covering the gaps in the left steps, we recommend using the privet berries and the wide tulip leaves. They are not only great for providing the coverage but also hide the floral foam.


Step 3:-

Now start with the tallest flowers after shaping the staircase with foliage. For this part, we recommend the use of Fox Tail Lilies as they add significant height due to their long and straight stem. For paining them, we used the Fritillaria Percisca, which has a bendy stem but is still tall. Next will be some bolder flowers such as those of the apricot and peach plants. You can also add in some of the anemones, double tulips, and the Icelandic poppies to bring pout a monotone of your floral staircase.


Lastly, the muscari, narcissi, and ranunculus are the perfect flower choices to place among the areas that require some shape or color.


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