DIY geometric cube finials for copper curtain rod

If you have some copper tubing left around the house from the last plumbing job and do not know what to do with it, use it as the curtain rod. As for the ends of the copper tube, we have a little DIY project we like to call geometric cube finials. These geometric cube finials are really easy to make as the only experience you require is some drilling skills. Even if you don’t know anything about it, it is simple enough to learn on your first try.




Supplies required for the geometric cube finials for copper curtain rod are as follows.

  • Copper tubing of 22mm
  • Curtain rod holders
  • Wood cube
  • Bronze spray paint
  • Drill with a drill bit of the same size as copper tubing


Step 1:-

The first step is to start by making a geometric pattern on your wooden cube. For doing this, cover the cube in diagonal with masking tape on it’s both sides.


Step 2:-

Spray paint the bronze paint on the open areas of the wooden cube’s one side. Place it aside for the paint to dry up completely, on its unpainted side. Afterward, paint the other side and also let it dry.


Step 3:-

Repeat the same step 1 and step 2 for the other wooden cube to create geometric patterns.

Step 4:-

Now also spray paint your curtain rod holders with bronze paint as well.


Step 5:-

Take the drill and then drill in some holes in the wall where you wish to place the copper curtain rod. Secure the copper tubing piece on the top of the curtain rod holders.


Step 6:-

Now add the curtain in this copper curtain rod and then attach the geometric cube finials on both sides of this copper tubing and it is done.

These rods are really simple but still add a decent touch to the décor of the room.


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