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DIY Gift: Mountain Pillow

Worrying about a proper gift to give someone on Christmas or one someone’s birthday? Well, worry no more as we bring to you a gift that will be loved by anyone you present it. The name for our gift is DIY Mountain Pillow. The materials are easy to obtain but it is going to take a little bit of time to finish it properly, so free up your afternoon and sit by that fireplace to make the Mountain Pillow.



Materials needed for making the Mountain Pillow are as follows.

  • A thick fabric which will be sued for the base of the mountain pillow; heavyweight gray fabric
  • White fabric that will comprise the snowy peaks for the mountain pillow: white faux fur fabric
  • Corresponding thread
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Stuffing


Step 1:-

Use the pattern we have placed below in this step to cut the 2 pieces for the mountain; one top and one for the base. Be sure to print this template in a 20*20 inches size. Better yet, go to a printing shop and ask them to take a print of this template of the recommended size.


Step 2:-

Cut one shape of the snow peak from the pattern and then pin it on the top of the mountain piece fabric.


Step 3:-

Now keeping the snowy peak on top of the mountain piece, stitch these pieces together on a sewing machine. Also, be sure for stitching all around the snow peak fabric piece.


Step 4:-

With the right sides of both fabric pieces together, pin back of your mountain fabric to the front.


Step 5:-

Only leave 5/8 inches of the seam while stitching all across the mountain shape while leaving a small opening at the bottom for stuffing and turning.


Step 6:-

Clip the corners of this partially finished mountain pillow and trim off the seam allowance as well.


Step 7:-

After reaching to the pillow’s lower opening, turn your pillow inside-out while making sure that the corners and peaks are also turned outside nicely. You can push on the corners with a wooden dowel to give these corners a more clear shape.


Step 8:-

Now start filling up your mountain pillow with the snow-white stuffing.


Step 9:-

While filling the pillow, adjust your stuffing to fill the peaks and the corers until the pillow has the right form and fluff. This step can also be made smoother with a wooden dowel.


Step 10:-

Now stitch the lower opening of your mountain pillow close.


Step 11:-

There you have it; your mountain pillow is ready. You can either gift it to someone of the Christmas or on somebody’s birthday. If you cannot seem to part with it, use it for your own comfort.


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