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DIY Golden Leaf Cards

If you are someone who is distinguished in their field and receives a lot of letters then you might also reply to them in thanks. Well sending thank you notes is a good thing but what if you could put in a little extra effort to make your thank you notes appear a little bit different? For this, we recommend our DIY project of Golden Leaf Cards.

You are now going to have lots of fun restocking the card stash with our Golden leaf cards project. This is a simple Diy project that has stunning results.




Materials needed to make the Golden leaf cards are s follows.

  • Cards ( smooth type paper is best for this work)
  • Glue Pen ( chiseled one is preferred for this DIY project)
  • Gilding sheets
  • Soft brush


To help you make the Golden leaf cards, we have laid down step by step instructions along with pictures to facilitate along each step. In the end, we also have a bonus DIY idea for these Golden leaf cards, be sure to check it out.

Step 1:-

With the glue pen start dry on the card. Simple designs are the best choice for the first time. Also, making simple designs allow for the glue to not dry up too quickly. For the complex designs, we recommend completing a single design in two stages.


Step 2:-

Lay the gilding on the card facedown and then press on it firmly. Smooth any of the bubbles or the folds in the paper. Remove the back and let the card dry on its own for about 30 to 60 seconds.


Step 3:-

Remove any of the other excessive large pieces that can be used again for other cards on the aside.


Step 4:-

Use the soft brush for removing the gilding. In order to remove all the epics thoroughly, move the brush on the sideways and downward and upward direction. Smaller pieces which have the circles in them, they are going to need a little bit of work. Just scratch these areas a little bit with the fingernail and then use the brush.


DIY Golden Scratch Card:-

While removing the gilding from the golden leaf cards, we came upon another fun DIY idea that is to make the scratch-off cards. You can use the glue to hide the message but be sure that the area is not too wide and can be removed easily as you brush away the excessive gilding.


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