DIY Hanging Halloween Paper Lanterns

Before one starts doing decorations for Halloween, they must first do a brainstorming session. This is to be done for coming up with new unique ideas. Well, if you cannot seem to come up with something unique, then do not worry, we have got you covered. We bring to you the DIY Hanging Halloween paper lanterns.

These lanterns are really amazing to make as they only require one sheet of the printer paper and some really creative folds and cuts. As for the flame in them do not worry about it, you can use those battery-powered little tea lights. This makes them safe and to be used at any time. Hang these lanterns to your window or on the trees outside or simply decorate your shelves.




Materials required for making the DIY hanging Halloween paper lanterns are as follows.

  • A printer paper
  • Battery-powered tea lights
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Needle
  • Thread


Step 1:-

Measure half an inch into the length of the printer appear and then draw a line. Fold this line over to form a solid crease.


Step 2:-

Form the other side of the paper; make a fold in half from the earlier drawn line. Keep this half an inch folded tab over for helping line this up. Press this crease again and then fold it in half.


Step 3:-

Unfold the entire appear once more and place it in the landscape style. Make the measurement of 2 inches from the bottom of the paper and draw another line. This is the template for the lantern.


Step 4:-

This step involves drawing or cutting different shapes on the lantern paper. If you print the shapes, then transfer them over the paper. Turn the paper over as the print is facing downward. With the pencil scribble the printed areas gently.


Step 5:-

Line the shapes on the four sections in equal size on the lantern template. Hold the paper firmly down and then draw around the shapes. After taking off the paper with the shapes you desire, you will be left with a simple pencil drawing. In our case, we used the pumpkin shapes.


Step 6:-

With the craft knife cut out each of the pumpkin shapes from the lantern template. Take a piece of tape and press it firmly on the outside of the ¼ inch tab. Line this taped tab with the inside of the paper’s opposite edge.


Step 7:-

Fold from the bottom as if wrapping up a present. Use the drawn lines as a guide and the opposite 2 sides which creates points for the two other sides. Fold all these points in the middle and the tape them together.


Step 8:-

For hanging these lanterns, use the cotton thread on its 2 corners while leaving enough of the space to hang it anywhere you like. Place the lights inside with the help of little blue tac for holding them in place right in the middle of the lantern.


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