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DIY Hanging Notepad

The DIY project for today is to make a hanging notepad which is super easy to recreate. This hanging notepad will be a nice touch to the décor of the room as well as serve a really practical purpose of writing down stuff you need to remember for doing later. Well, for writing on this hanging notepad we also added a little ceramic kitchen pot for storing pens.

Even if you do not like the look of a wooden hanging notepad, you can replace the wooden branch with a metal pipe or even a wooden dowel.

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Materials needed for making this DIY hanging notepad are as follows.

  • Long and skinny branches; they should be as straight as they can be or you can also use a wooden dowel.
  • Two strips of leather which are at least 40 inches in length
  • A thin cord of leather
  • Roll of paper for about 12 to 24 inches length
  • Hammer
  • Nails of 1-inch
  • 2 clothespins
  • Spray paint
  • Ceramic pot; can be bought for cheap from IKEA


Step 1:-

The first step here is to measure as to how long would the leather straps be for hanging on a wall. We left them for about 40 inches long which allow for them to hang for 20 inches after folding them in half. Still, f you want them to be shorter cut them with succours to size. Also, cut 1-inch strips for the same exact lengths to be used later.

Step 2:-

Now determine for the height that you wish the roll of a paper should be at. Fold the first leather strip in half for creating a loop and then hold the bottom of this loop at a height where you want the roll of paper to be at. Whilst pinching on the ends of the leather strips placed over each other, hammer 1 nail through the ends where they meet with each other on a wall.


Step 3:-

Slip the roll of paper on a piece of wooden branch or a wooden dowel and then slip one of the ends of the branch into first leather strip loop. A for the 2nd strip, fold it in half to form a loop and then slip the loop first into the 2nd side of the branch.  Now keep the strip on the wall while keeping the branch levelled and then hammer in the 2nd nail on the wall where the second strip meets.

Cut off any excess leather strip from the top of the leather strips where they are hammered in the wall. As for the branch, it will now be levelled with the floor.


Step 4:-

Take the 1-inch leather cord and fold that in half. Tuck the center of the fold through the hole of this ceramic pot and then pull on both ends to secure this leather cord around the ceramic pot.

wall pot


Step 5:-

Wrap this leather cord over and behind the branch and then tie its ends in a knot behind the leather cord. Snip off any excess leather cord.


Step 6:-

We left this hanging notepad unpainted to give it the simpler and natural looks but if you wish, paint them however you like.

hanging notpad


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