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DIY Jewelry Dish made from Folded Clay

The recent trends in fashion have also seen a different variety of jewelry and with all kinds of them lying around in your darers, they sometimes get entangled with each other. Then there are times when you have to go out but you have to spend a whole hour just to sort these jewelry items apart and then choose the one that matches your outfit. What if there is a solution to storing all the jewelry? Well, there is and we have got it in the form of DIY project Jewelry dish made from folded clay.




Things you will need for making the jewelry dish out of the folded clay are as follows.

  • Air-dry clay
  • Roller
  • Water
  • Craft knife
  • Baking paper
  • Ruler


Step 1:-

Lay the sheet of the baking paper flat on an even surface and roll it into a form of the square with a roller.


Step 2:-

Dampen the fingers a little and then rub them on top of this clay smoothly until it has no more blemishes or bumps that are visible on a cursory look.


Step 3:-

With a craft knife, carefully cut out 1 piece of a square from this clay. You can make the size of the square as much big or small as you need your jewelry dish to be.

Peel off the rest clay while leaving only clean lines for the jewelry dish.


Step 4:-

Flip this clay square on another piece of baking paper and then peel the first baking appear from the back. This will present the backside of the clay square.


Step 5:-

Use the moist fingers once more to smoothen any bumps on this side too. This is going to be the inside of the jewelry dish. This is why you must pay attention to that it has no small holes or cracks.


Step 6:-

Now cut 1 more square fro this big square piece about 1 inch away from the edges of the big square. This is going to give the sides of the jewelry dish that will be 1-inch in height.


Step 7:-

Cut from each corner of the inner square to the outer edge of the bigger square with a craft knife.


Step 8:-

Fold these cut edges over as shown in figure down below to let them be aligned.


Step 9:-

Fold those edges that are close to you at a 90-degree angle and also keep them folded inside as shown in figure down below. Make an effort to keep these edges as straight as you can.

Now fold up the left and right sides of this square clay as well and press the corners of none side to the other one as you can see in the figure below. No bring the remaining side up as well and complete the shape of a square dish.


Step 10:-

Smooth the cracks that might have formed and then with a craft knife, shave off the uneven edges. Each side must have a crisp and clean finish.


Step 11:-

Let this whole clay dish dry for about 48 hours as it becomes solid.

Here you go; your jewelry dish made from clay is ready for use. Now make a few of them to sort out the various types of jewelry easily.


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