DIY lampshade of woven balsa wood

Balsa wood is one of the best materials as it is not only cheap but also lightweight. This makes balsa handle enough bending, staining, cutting, gluing, painting and pretty much every other technique that you can think of. One other great thing about balsa wood is that it can be used to create quality items with the only use of limited tools as is the case for our Diy lampshade of woven balsa wood.

We only made use of a few strips of balsa wood and used some glue to create this organic modern lampshade. The braided look of this DIY lampshade makes it look as if it is made by a skilled carpenter but literally anyone can make it with little clear instructions and plenty of time.




Materials you will need to make the DIY lampshade of woven balsa wood are as follows.

  • Lampshade
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Strips of Balsa wood


Step 1:-

The first step is to line the upper and lower edge of your lamp.


Step 2:-

No start adding pieces of balsa wood in any way you like.  Tuck the ends for these balsa wood strips into other strips and then wrap in a style so that some space is left and is not yet completely flat against the surface of the lampshade.


Step 3:-

Now repeat the steps of adding and tucking the balsa wood strips on the lampshade. We recommend doing this until all the ends are tucked in and none of them are showing outward.


Step 4:-

Cheek for any of the loose ends and then apply the glue on these ends to let them be joined there perfectly. As for any wispy glue ends, they can be removed easily by the use of a hairdryer.

There you have it, your modern looking organic DIY lampshade of woven balsa wood is ready to be placed. We recommend placing the lampshade in the ling room so your guests can see and admire your nifty side.


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