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DIY Magazine Hanger made from Canvas

Do you find the magazines lying around your house messy? Well, worry no more as we bring the magazine hanger made from canvas. This magazine hanger is going to offer for you to hang those magazines in an organized manner while showing flashes for each magazine’s cover. This will make that whole decision of what to read in your spare time. Plus, this magazine hanger is super easy to make but will require some time.




Things you will need to make the magazine hanger are as follows.

  • Canvas fabric
  • Wooden dowel
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Clay base plates
  • Strong glue
  • Velcro fixers for hanging your magazine hanger


Step 1:-

Cut the canvas fabric in 3 equal pieces of dimensions 19 * 13 inches. Fold these pieces from shorter length to half so that the piece will now be of dimensions 19 * 6.5 inches.  Stick the fabric along the length of 19 inches so that the fabric piece will be in the rube shape.


Step 2:-

Turn this fabric tube inside out and use the iron to flatten it out.  Repeat these steps for the other two fabric pieces as well.


Step 3:-

Now fold one tube in half along its 19-inch length and place it aside.


Step 4:-

Lay the other fabric tube on the surface flat. Pick up the previously folded fabric tube and place it over this flat fabric about 4 inches from its bottom edge.


Step 5:-

Pin this piece of fabric along the folded piece’s top and sew all of the 6 fabric pieces with each other. Turn the one big fabric piece over and fold the flat fabric to half its length. This will not allow for the stitches to be visible anymore.


Step 6:-

Take the final fabric tube and lay it over the other 2 fabric pieces in a manner so the bottom edges are perfectly in line with each other. Pin the top edges for the 2nd folded tube with this piece of fabric tube and then stitch along its line.


Step 7:-

Now, when you fold the final fabric tube, it will bring the front end a few inches atop their back edge. Place the dowel a few inches above this back edge and fold the fabric over this dowel.  Pin the fabric in place and then remove the dowel. Now start stitching through all of these fabric layers where they join each other.


Step 8:-

Now insert the ole back in the place and tie it to each end of this wooden dowel.


Step 9:-

For making a circular hook, glue 1 large hook circle on the smaller circle. After the glue is completely dried up, use the picture hanging Velcro fixers and hang your magazine hanger over it.


Now simply place some magazine in your nice looking magazine hanger and read the magazine you like whenever you are free.


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