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DIY mail basket

Have you ever wonder how easily the clutter seems to be gathering around your house? The main culprit behind all this clutter is mostly the unread mail. How can you worry about reading the mail and then filing it in order when you can simply stack it on the side for several weeks? If you are someone who does this but is also kind of a neat freak who likes to keep their home tidy, then why not make a mail basket for such purposes?

This is why today we bring the DIY Mail basket project. The DIY idea is not only simple but easy to make and literally anyone can make it.


Materials required for making your DIY mail basket are as follows.

  • Hardwood dowel which is 5/8 inches wide
  • Hardwood board of 1*2
  • Leather straps
  • A heavily waxed thread
  • Tacks
  • Saw
  • Drill press
  • Drill
  • Pocket screw jig
  • Leather punch hole
  • Leather needle


Follow the down below instructions in a step by step manner to complete making your DIY mail basket and remove the mail clutter from your house.

Step 1:-

The first step is to cut the wood/. Grab hold of that 1*2 wood board and then cut a piece of 12 inches length and then two more of 6 inches length. Also cut a dowel piece of 12 and a half inches long.

Step 2:-

Next is to drill in the holes in these wood pieces. Measure the center of the 6 inches length board which is ¾ inches from its front end and then drill a 5/8 inches diameter hole that should only be half an inch deep to easily place the dowel inside it. Also, take the drill to have pocket holes made at the end of the 12 inches length wood piece for the back piece of the mail basket.

Step 3:-

As for the leather straps, cut them into 11 inches length and make 6 of such pieces. On one end of the leather straps punch 4 holes with 2 of them being close to the end of the strap while the other 2 are 2 inches away from the end. To get the exact place where you need the hole on leather to be punched, wrap a piece of leather strap on the dowel. After punching in the holes, pass the leather thread through these holes 4 times and then tie them in the back in a square knot. After that cut the excessive ends.

Step 4:-

After you have sewn up all the leather straps, place them over the dowel while keeping equal spacing and tack them on the back piece of the mail basket. After laying the leather pieces on the dowel and then onto the back piece, nail down some tack pieces on the top edge. Be sure to nail these tacks on the top so that they can edaciously be lifted to screw the whole frame onto the wall. The screws will be hidden behind them.

Step 5:-

Now we are ready to assemble the whole frame for the mail basket. With the help of the pocket screws, attach 1 side piece in the earlier drilled pocket holes. Insert the dowel piece on this attached side and screw them on the opposite side of the side piece. A mallet strike will be required for ensuring that the back piece is squared in.

After the assembly is completed, attach your DIY mail basket on the wall by drilling through its back.

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