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DIY Mini Wreaths as Gift Tags

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for not only the businesses but also for the ordinary folks. The reason is that you have to prepare for everything, starting from the dinner preparations, the gifts, the holiday cards and everything else. This busy schedule makes it really difficult for anyone to do something creative for the sake of making the gifts a little jollier. Well, our DIY project for making these mini wreaths as gift tags is just the thing that can not only save you time but also satisfy your inner Diy craftsman.

The Diy project of mini wreaths makes use of the wired pine stems which are basically used as pipe cleaners. But the project makes use of them in a very unusual yet beautiful way to spread holiday cheers.




Supplies required or making the mini wreaths as gift tags are as follows.

  • Wired pine stems; can be bought from any market easily or online
  • Cardstock; red-colored ones
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Tape
  • Satin ribbon

Even if you cannot find the mini pipe cleaners at a market near you, you can also cut the wired garlands for asking them but the garland should be of Green color.


Making these mini wreaths as gift tags is really simple and we won’t be lying when we say that t is only going to take only half an hour for making these mini wreaths. Still, we have laid down the DIY process in steps down below.

Step 1:-

Take one wired pine stem and twist it to form a little circle which will give it a wreath-like shape.


Step 2:-

Take the cardstock of red color and cut some mini banners from it.  Write the name of each gift recipient on these red banners.


Step 3:-

Simple tape these banners onto your mini wreaths and they are ready for being used as gift tags.


Step 4:-

It will look nicer if you attach these mini wreath gift tags with the satin ribbon.

Anyone receiving the gift with these mini wreaths as gift tags is going to love it for sure. You can also try using the same DIY process for making the small gift tags for every holiday occasion. Who knows, we might arrive with some little surprise for it too.


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