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DIY Napkin Ring made from Metallic Acorn

For those of you, who are never able to find the right decoration for the dinner table over Thanksgiving, then do not fret anymore as we have come with a DIY project to help you with. The name of our DIY project this time is the napkin ring made from the Metallic Acorns. These napkin rings made from metallic acorns are surely going to wow all of your guests. Due to these acorns being metallic, they will also add a certain shimmering effect on the dinner table.




You will need the following materials to make your napkin rings from metallic acorns.

  • Acorns; you can use either the artificial ones or the real ones.
  • Silver and Gold color craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Elastic string
  • Drill and a drill bit that has a diameter slightly larger than the elastic you are suing
  • Parchment paper


If you want to complete the DIY project of making the napkin rings made from metallic acorns, then be sure to follow the down below steps. They are super easy and to make the whole process a breeze, there are some helpful pictures as well.

Step 1:-

The first step is to paint your acorns in silver and gold color craft paints and then place them over the parchment paper to let them dry completely.


Step 2:-

After painting on the acorns are completely dried up; pick one at a time and then drill the hole through the middle of each acorn until it reaches all the way through.


Step 3:-

Pass the elastic string through these holes on the acorns. We recommend passing nearly 7 of these metallic acorns through the elastic string to make a nice little Napkin ring.


Step 4:-

Cut the excess elastic string and then tie the rest off it in a double knot. As for any long ends of the string, trim them off as well.

If you think about it, this same project can be done for many other small items. You only need to let your creativity go wild.

On a personal note, we also recommend giving them to guests as small presents to your guests too dring the table, it will be a nice gesture in the spirit of the Holiday.


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