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DIY Natural Wreath with Damsons & Swallows

While the winter season is a little far away but it won’t be long that it will be upon us. The one thing that makes winter so special is that all the amazing holidays such as the Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and even the New Year day all come in the season of winter.

Christmas tree

In short the winter season is a festive one and the one thing that marks this festive season is the wreaths in one house. The winter starts with all the friends and family members coming back home to meet their family and friends. Well, for this winter meeting we present a wreath making class idea for our readers to share with your loved ones.

christmas tree Flower

For our DIY project today we present to our readers to make the lush and organic natural wreath by employing traditional methods.

Christmas Decoration

So let’s start on with the DIY natural wreath with Damsons & Swallows.

Step 1:-

The first to make a wreath is to make the frame for your wreath. This is a natural base that will act as a sponge for soaking up any of the moisture and will provide it to the foliage as nourishment for making it look fresh for a long time. First off, fix the wire for the frame in the form of a knot. This wire knot will remain attached for the entire process of wreath making.

cutting wreath

Step 2:-

Take up some of the moss and place it over the frame at the spot where you have attached the wire. Now pick up the moss in one of your hands and then with other hand pick up the wire and start to wrap it around the wire. Do this until the moss is secured on this base. Repeat the whole wrapping process until the moss has completely covered the entire frame.

making frame of wreath

Step 3:-

Now comes the step for selection of foliage. Cut off each of the small stem or the longer branches of your foliage in small pieces. The best way is to grab hold of 3 to 4 foliages in the form a small bunch. Place these foliages over the moss where the wire is fixed. With one hand, hold these foliages in place and then with other hand start wrapping the wire around both the bottom part of the stems and the moss until all of them are secured in place.

Frame of wreath

Step 4:-

Now continue this step for multiple times with a small bunch of foliages each time by wrapping them on to the wire reel. Be sure to make the layer of these foliage bunches in the same direction with just a little change in the direction. We made the alternate pointing slightly towards the centre of the wreath and then one to point slightly in the outward direction.

 bunch of foliages

Step 5:-

Work your way around this mossy circle by adding in foliage bunches and then reach the point from where you got started. Do this until the whole of the moss is covered by the greenery.

mossy circle

mossy circle

Step 6:-

Now the wreath is done and for final touches, add a ribbon on top of it or add some other decorative things such as pine cones, feathers, dried fruit scales or cinnamon on it. Be sure to wrap a small piece of wire on each time by poking it inside the moss and then securing this wire by turning on the mainframe.


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