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DIY oil & vinegar bottles

If you are looking to organize the kitchen for all the bottles of the oil & vinegar bottles then you will love our little DIY project called DIY oil & vinegar bottles. This will help you to reduce the clutter of these bottles in your kitchen with almost no money spent and in a little amount of time.




Supplies needed for the DIY oil & vinegar bottles are as follows.

  • An assortment of the bottles that you like to use: we went with the bottles of oil, vinegar, and cider
  • Funnel
  • Assortments of stoppers and corks
  • Varying stickers and labels
  • Soy cleaner or goo gone


Step 1:-

Start by carefully arranging and selecting the bottles that you want to use for the DIY oil & vinegar bottles that you will use to assign all the oils and vinegar present in your kitchen. We even went on to use the wine bottles as their shapes are quite elegant looking.


Step 2:-

Fill your washing sink with the soapy water and then submerge all of these bottles in that water. Let these bottles soak until their labels tend to become loose enough to be torn off easily.

Step 3:-

For that sticky residue from the bottle labels, use the degreaser. Try to use a degreaser that not only smells good but is also a green alternative.

Step 4:-

Once all the bottles are thoroughly cleaned and dried up, take a funnel to fill all of them with the oil & vinegar.


Step 5:-

Now label each of these bottles with the name of the oil & vinegar you have poured in them. For labeling and tagging step, we used the one that we already had but you can find some great looking ones at a paper source. We went with simpler designation but you can also put in the brand name of each of the oil & vinegar along with the date of purchase and other such relevant information.


Step 6:-

Close each of these bottles with a spout or a cork stopper. We got ours at a Bed, Bath & Beyond for cheap.


Step 7:-

There you have it, there will be less clutter in your kitchen from now on and you won’t be seeing those ugly bottles that the oil & vinegar originally came in. the only thing left to do now is to cook something really delicious.

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