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DIY ornament wreath

The time of the great celebration of Christmas is soon going to be upon us in just 2 months and the people all across the world have gotten into the spirit of celebrating Christmas early on. Families have started making decorations plans for both the inside and the outside of the house on Christmas. In order to be cost-effective this Christmas, we bring to you the Diy idea of making the Technicolor ornament wreaths.

These ornament wreaths are very great for making use of the cheap ornaments and then create something you won’t be worrying about when it goes missing.



You ask what the materials are for making this incredibly fun looking ornament wreath. Well, they are as follows.

  • A wreath form: we recommend using the straw version of 18 inches diameter
  • 200 plastic balls or other ornaments for this ornament wreath: you can buy them in bulk and cheap on the dollar stores
  • Fabric and paint to cover the ornament wreath
  • Craft wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine or a heavy ribbon which will be used for hanging the wreath


We do believe that anyone can really make this ornament wreath but if you still need some instructions to help you with this process, here they are.

Step 1:-

Wrap your wreath form in the fabric and secure its ends with the hot glue. You can also paint the wreath form so it won’t show any of the gaps. After this, let the wreath form dry up.

Step 2:-

Now take the twine of the large ribbon and tie it all around the wreath which will be used for having the ornament wreath in the end.

Be sure to put the tine before completing it because it will be much harder to do it after you have attached the balls.

Step 3:-

Lay the wreath down and place the first few balls on it at various points by securing them with glue. This will make up for a solid base. You can design this part as you see fit.

Step 4:-

After a few dozen of them have been firmly secured on the wreath form, start gluing the others and then fill in the gaps. We made sure to lay these ornament balls in a manner so that they are is an evenness and symmetry to them.


Step 5:-

Let the whole ornament wreath dry off and then hang it someplace where it would be out of the reach of the children.

Be sure to not add the balls in a way so that they would be obstructing the twine as they are going to pop off when the wreath will be hung.

Also, be careful to take the wreath to the desired place in the room because along the way some of the balls are going to get reattachment.


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