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DIY outdoor planting table

Soon the winter season will be over and the trees and flowers will start to bloom once more., if you are someone who loves gardening in their backyard or front lawn then you might be in need of a little bit extra workspace for outdoors. For this, we bring to you a simple DIY project for the outdoor planting table. As you will be hosting the BBQ parties in your background, we also added a little bit of metal surface for setting the tabletop grill for easier cooking.


For making the outdoor planting tale protective from the wet weather, we used the cedar wood boards but you can go right ahead and use any kind of wood to protect it against any kind of weather.



The project will be a little bit costly as you will be needing lots of wood for it. The supplies required for making the outdoor planting table are as follows.

  • Corner brackets
  • Plywood: 2ʼ x 2ʼ x 1/2”
  • An aluminum metal sheet of 36” length
  • Cedar boards: 2 of the 8ft length 2ʼ x 3ʼ
  • Cedar Boards: 4 of the 8ft length 2ʼ x 2ʼ
  • Cedar Fence Boards: 9 of the 5ft length 5” x 1/2”
  • 1 Decking screws: 1/2”
  • 2 Pocket Screws: 1/2”
  • Wood sealant
  • Brush
  • Saw
  • Mallet
  • Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Pocket screw guide


Step 1:-

Start by cutting the wood and you can either do it yourself or have it cut from a lumberyard. The sawing list for cutting the wood is as follows.

  • Cut 4 legs for 30 inches from the 2 by 2s
  • Cut the lower spans from the 2 of the 2 by 2s
  • Cut the upper spans from the 2 of the 2 by 3s
  • Cut all of the fence planks for 24 inches length. Some of these might be ripped on the table saw for making narrower pieces depending on the overall width calculations for the board.

Step 2:-

After all of the boards have been appropriately cut, the next step is to assemble them. We used the pocket screws for attaching the spans to legs and then added in the corner brackets on the inside for added strength.


Step 3:-

After you have assembled the table’s frame, make sure that it is square by measuring from its opposite corners at the top and then adjust it if there is any error before you attach the top planks.

When you are screwing in the top planks, make sure that these screws are 1-inch inside the edge for preventing the board from getting split apart.

Step 4:-

For creating the metal top part of the outdoor planting table, use the thin aluminum sheet. Trim this sheet to few inches larger than your plywood board.


Step 5:-

While wearing gloves and using a mallet, form this metal sheet around the plywood piece. Hammer the corners to make them smooth for preventing any of the snags.

Step 6:-

Secure this metal portion onto the top of the planting table’s frame with decking screws. For not making the screws visible from the top, attach them from underneath the table’s top section. Be sure that these screws are not too long otherwise they will pop right through the table’s top.

There you have it; your outdoor planting table is ready.


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