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DIY painted glass tabletop

If you want to make your own unique glass tabletop then pour Diy project the painted glass tabletop is the right fit for you. The project can be recreated easily but the intricate triangle designs that will be painted over the glass tabletop are going to require some patience and steady hands from you. This project is best to be completed outdoors because the painting will be done on the underside of the glass tabletop. But the great thing is that the painted design can be protected from the outside elements and can also be cleaned easily. You can really make any pattern you like for your glass tabletop but we went ahead with the geometric pattern as it was too good to pass up.




Materials required for making the painted glass tabletop are as follows.

  • Piece of glass cut to the size of tabletop; you can also cut a piece from the Plexiglas
  • Spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Contract paper
  • Stencil
  • Paint thinner
  • Rubber or the felt grippers


Step 1:-

Either buy a piece of glass that is the exact size of your tabletop from the local glass store or you can buy the Plexiglas and cut it on your own.

If you are going with Plexiglas, then cut the piece with the jigsaw blade that is created for cutting the metal. The smaller teeth of the jigsaw blade will make it easier for cutting through this Plexiglas. In order to prevent cracking while cutting the Plexiglas, keep the whole thing on the edge with strong support.


Step 2:-

Choose the pattern that you would like to paint on your glass piece. The options for patterns are endless ranging from really easy ones to super complicated. We choose to do something a little complicated.  Cut a piece of contact paper in small triangle shapes and then cover the entire glass piece with these triangle contact paper pieces. This is going to be a long process so have some patience.


Step 3:-

Remove some of these triangle pieces from the glass piece and then paint on the first layer of color that you wish. Place some painter’s tape on the areas where these triangles do not line up. Also, to avoid the paint from getting over-sprayed everywhere; make use of a guard like a piece of cut out cardboard.


Step 4:-

Once the first layer of the paint is done, take on the second triangle stickers and then spray the 2nd color on them.  On the back of the glass, the spray paint will be overlapping but on the frontside, these triangles will remain crisp.

If you mess up the painting part, then do not worry because the paint thinner will be there to help you.


Step 5:-

Repeat step 2 to step 4 as many times for as many colors as you like. We left some of the triangles unpainted to allow some white of the table to be seen through the entire pattern.

There you go; your painted glass tabletop is ready for placing anywhere in the house you like.


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