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DIY paper basket made from recycled paper

Most of you might have to go on the shopping too often for buying the everyday use of groceries. While these groceries are essential, the brown paper bag that you bring them in, might not be and it only tends to become trash. Well, no more because we have come upon an interesting little project to make the best use of that paper. We present to you the DIY paper basket made from recycled paper.


Materials needed for the DIY paper basket made from recycle paper are as follows.

  • Long pieces of paper
  • Sewing machine
  • Hot glue
  • Paperclips


Follow the down below instructions for making the Paper basket from the recycled paper.

Step 1:-

We made use of the large piece of paper with 30 inches width. Start by folding them into strips. Simply make a fold of about 1-inch width and then continue to fold over the first one whole making sure that the paper is creased well. These folds depend upon the fact as to how heavy the paper is. Our paper gave us nearly 10 folds.

Step 2:-

Now is the process of sewing and you need to sew along one of the edges of the folded strip at about 1/8 inches apart from the edge that is folded.

Step 3:-

Repeat the same sewing process on the other unfolded edge of the strip. Repeat the same folding and sewing process until you the required number of strips for the paper basket. We made 8 of these folded sewn up strips.

Step 4:-

Weave all of these folded strips as shown in the figure down below, so they make a huge cross shape. If there are nay wrong side of the strips then place them in the weave in a manner so that they are facing up. This will cause them to be out of sight by being inside the basket when it is completed.

Step 5:-

Still, secure the overlapping strips with help of the glue around their perimeters so they won’t slip around when you are making the basket.

Step 6:-

Now take the measuring tape and measure out the width for one of the sides of the cross. Add 2 inches into this measurement and then multiply it with 4. This is going to be the length of the strips that will be needed for making the basket’s sides. Make a few of the paper strips by using the first 3 steps to create paper strips of the newly found length.

Step 7:-

After you are done making the long strips, weave them to form the sides. The first part of this process is a little tricky so we made use of the paperclips to hold the strips in place as shown in figure down below.

Step 8:-

The finish of these ends for the first round of weaving the sides, overlap two of the paper-strip ends and then tuck them in. At this point in creating the sides, you can either secure them with appear clips or some hot glue.

Step 9:-

Now continue the same process in the rounds while adding paperclips on every round as the basket starts to take its shape.

Step 10:-

To finish making the top corner of the basket, fold all of its strips to the inside. Afterward, trim off the raw edges and then also tuck them inside the strips of the lower portion. Secure all of these strips with some hot glue and this is it, you have your paper basket made from recycled paper.

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