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DIY Paper Plant “Elephant Ears”

We love to challenge ourselves by making some really cool things from our arsenals of various art supplies. The thing that we are most passionate about is plant art and right now our new obsession for plant art from the cultivars of Colocasia. These are mostly known by the public name of making the paper plant Elephant Ears. The name of this plant is appropriate to their appearance as they really have huge leaves in the shape of Elephant Ears.


Today we decided to do the work of making the paper plant Elephant Ears for our readers. The process is going to take a little time but the results will be worth the wait. The great thing about this paper plant art is that you craft only a few leaves to be placed in the vase or can gift them to your friends. So what do you say do you like the sound of the paper plant DIY project?

Well if you are interested in making this paper plant for yourselves, follow the jump down below.

Do not worry about the materials of making this paper plant as they are really cheap to have but you only need to be patient with the whole process.




Materials that you will need for making the Paper Plant Elephant Ears are as follows.  Some of them might be already in your house and what is not available, can be bought from any craft store.

  • The text-weight paper sheets of Clover color
  • Acrylic Paints of blue, red and white colors
  • 2 bottles of the spray: one will be used to contain water and the other for having the mixed paint
  • 2 containers for better mixing of the paints
  • Paintbrushes of the different sizes: one flat brush of 1”, 1 flat brush of ¼”, and 1 small round
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Bone folder
  • Straight wire of 16-gauge
  • Wire cutters
  • Quick-dry glue
  • Floral tape of win color
  • Hot pink colored gel pen
  • Paper towels
  • Newspapers
  • Foam
  • Pot
  • Gravel


In order to help facilitate you through this whole DIY process of making the Paper Plant Elephant’s Ears, we have laid down easy to follow step by step instructions. For further ease of the process, helpful pictures have been laid below each step.

Step 1:-

The first step of the DIY paper plant is to mix the paints of blue and red colors in equal amounts in a container. Mixing them will give you the Dark-purple hue paint. A tip for mixing paints is to mix small amounts at a time and then mix these paints with some water. Be sure to mix these paints in a manner so that they are a little bit runny in their consistency.

Take the spray bottle filled with water and mist on the clover colored paper. Spray enough water to moist the paper instead of completely soaking it. Now paint the watered areas of the paper with the thin runny paint which will let some of the green paper to retain its original green color. The paint would bleed on the paper and will spread all over it. After one side of the paper is dried up, paint the other side as well.


Step 2:-

Now take the other spray bottle and fill it with the mixed acrylic paints mixture. After the paper, I all dried up from the first step, spray the acrylic paint from a spray bottle onto the sheet of paper with the purple paint. After it dries up on one side, spray the other side as well.


Step 3:-

You can get the template of the Elephant Ears plants from the internet with ease. If not, simply draw your own on these sheets with pencil and then cut them off nicely and place them aside to be used later.


Step 4:-

Now is the step to give these paper plant Elephant Ears their life-like look and for that you need to draw the xylem and phloem of the leaves. For this, take the acrylic white paint and a brush to paint the long Y shape on the center of each of these long leaves.

Next is a fun part, simply take some watered down purple acrylic paint ix and paint up some irregular shaped on sides of each leaf. Be sure to paint each of the leaves in a different manner to give them some dynamic look. After the paint on each leaf cutting is all dried up, use the pink-colored gel pen to add some fine details in the vertex of the painted Y shape.


Step 5:-

Now take the 16-gauge wire and wrap it in the wine-colored floral tape. These wrapped wires will be used for the purpose of giving stems to the large leaves.  In order to give these wires a full stem-like the look, tear some of the paper towels and wrap it around the wrapped wires in a snuggled manner but leave few inches from the bottom free.

Secure this paper towel with some more floral tape wrap. It will require a few strips of the floral tape to cover the whole wire.

Now take the white paint again and brush up some vertical white lines on the thick part of the stem shapes.


Step 6:-

The scraps of paper leftover during Step 3 are to be used here.  Cut these straps in paper strips of ¾ inches width and 2 inches length. Place the stem wire from Step 5 onto the back of the leaves. Coat one of the small paper strips with tacky glue and place this glue coated paper strip onto the stem wire. To secure them in place, roll a bone folder along these wires.


After the glue is all dried up, bend these wire stems carefully to allow for the leaves to be pointing downwards. Fill a pot with some foam and then cover that foam with gravel of your choice. Assemble your paper plant pot with Large Leaves first close to each other in the middle of the foam. Around these larger leaves, insert the smaller leaves in the center of the foam. If you need the wire stems to be shorter, cut them off with the wire cutters. Arrange this Paper Plant so it is balanced but not appear symmetrical. Adjust the leaves’ angels as per your liking. 


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