DIY Pendant Lamp with Fish Scale

The DIY project we present today is the Pendant lamp with fish scales and is one of the unique projects that we would offer. The project is a special and an interesting one as to how you can simply transform design of a simple globe of paper into a sculptural pendant lamp by only dyeing the paper circle into the wax. By performing this simple process sit is unbelievable to even see a material getting transformed into something completely unrecognizable yet amazing.

The scales of this pendant lamp have the translucent finish with a watery hue which gives the lamp an amazing texture.

Pendant Lamp with Fish Scale

The best thing about the DIY project of pendant lamp with fish scales is that it only costs about 20 dollars at max and can be done nay time of the day you like. The best time, if we recommend, is the warm summer days when you have almost nothing to do but relax.

Pendant Lamp with Fish Scale


mineral Oil

Materials required for the pendant lamp with fish scales are as follows.

  • 110 lb paper
  • Circle cutter
  • Rit dye
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Mineral oil
  • Crockpot
  • Extra bowl
  • White paper lantern
  • Glue gun


For the ease of our readers, to effectively complete this DIY project, we have laid down step by step instructions with each of them having their won helpful picture to further smoothen the work process.

Step 1:-

Take your 110 lb paper and put a circle cutter over it to cut around 200 pieces of paper circles. These 200 pieces of paper circles are going to cover a paper lantern of at least 14 inches diameter.

Step 2:-

Take the b7ucket of Rit Dye and place all the circles inside the dye bucket. We created dye by mixing the purple and teal colour ones. You can also darken the dye as per your liking. We went ahead and created the circles of different shades for improving the texture of the lamp pendant.

Rit Dye

Step 3:-

Make your very own double boiler by using the crackpot as well as the extra bowl. Place the block of the paraffin wax in this extra bowl for melting it. To thin the wax further after it melts, add in some mineral oil. After the circles are dried up from the Rit Dye, dip each one of them individually inside this wax while making sure that he top little portion of the paper circle is clear of any wax. Place this circle over the wax appear to let it dry.

Step 4:-

After the wax on the paper circles have dried up., start laying them over the white colored paper lantern. For laying these circles, use the glue gun while making sure that the glue is only applied on the portion of the circle which does not have any wax.

Step 5:-

Place all the circles over the lantern until it is fully covered. We started placing these paper circles from the bottom to create the overlapping fish scale pattern as shown in the figure down below.

circles over the lantern

Step 6:-

Simply make use of the lighting kit that is available with the lantern for creating the final lighting fixture.

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