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DIY Pillow with Gold Foil Confetti

Don’t you love those comfy and sweet looking little pillows and cushions? Don’t they just add a little bit of décor to the living room? Well, we find them very endearing and love to update them with all kinds of sewing, quilting, and beading. We like to mix different patterns with different types of materials and decorating techniques to make a unique looking pillow.  This time, we came upon a little unusual pillow decoration as we present the Pillow with gold foil confetti design.


This pillow with the gold foil confetti will add a certain shine to your room.




Things required for making the pillow with gold foil confetti design are as follows.

  • Pillow with a pillow cover
  • Gold Foil Sheets
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape


Step 1:-

Cut your gold foil in tiny thing strips and then cut those tiny strips into further small-sized rectangular sections.  You will need at least 4 to 5 of the large strops and then use them to create the triangle-shaped design on the pillow. If you fell short of these strips, you can always cut up some more.


Step 2:-

Lay your pillow cover down on the hard surface and iron it to create a flat surface for working on.


Step 3:-

Use the masking tape to create a triangle design over your pillow cover. The design is going to be created within this taped triangle. So, if you want a bigger design, create a little bigger tape design.


Step 4:-

Now start placing the confetti inside this triangle design at random.  Only be sure to leave a little space between each of the confetti. Place these confetti strips all inside the triangle design but a little away from the edge.


Step 5:-

The foil paper normally also comes with a piece of perchance paper. Place this appear over the confetti design you have just created and heat the iron to its hottest cotton setting.  Now press it gently over the parchment paper and move it for about 30 seconds in a circular motion.


Step 6:-

Take off the parchment paper from the confetti design and make sure that all of this confetti is sealed down on the pillow cover. Also, make sure that none of the confetti pieces are on the masking tape.


Step 7:-

Now simply peel the masking tape off of the pillow cover.


Step 8:-

After the foil is cooled down, peel its shiny protective covering from each one of the confetti pieces. This will allow for a pillow cover with confetti design but still, be washable.


There you go; your pillow with gold foil confetti design is ready. Now simply place them wherever you like; be it in the bedroom or in the living room. Heck, gift it to your friends.


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