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DIY Pinecone Fire Starter

You might have come across those really nice looking pinecone fire starters at the indoors decorative shops but what if you can make these pinecone fire starters right at home? Well, if you are into a little DIY project we present to you the DIY pinecone fire starters. They are super easy and really satisfying to make. These DIY pinecone fire starters can be made by only adding the essential oils such as the pine, cinnamon, or eucalyptus oils and can make your home smell really nice.

The great thing about these DIY pinecone fire starters is that they can also be used as a little house warming gift for your new neighbors or for your friends. This is why we also added those stamped muslin tags and tied them on the wicks of these pinecone fire starters. Even if you do not have the fireplace in your house, they can still be a really nice looking decoration piece.




For making these DIY pinecone fire starters, you will require these following materials.

  • Pinecones
  • Twine or candle wick
  • Double broiler or a glass measuring cup
  • Cooking oil
  • Essential oils
  • Candle wax: ¾ cup for each pinecone
  • Containers for setting your pinecones in the wax


Step 1:-

The first step to making these DIY pinecone fire starters is to boil the water in the double boiler or in a large pot and your glass measuring cup in this boiling water. Now pour in this glass measuring cup the wax beads and then a few drops of the essential oils. Remember, you are adding eh wax and essential oils for each pinecone individually.


Step 2:-

Now start wrapping the tine or candle wick around the pinecone from its base and stay on the downside of the pinecone. Still, wrap the twine or candle wick around the pinecone a few times and when you are done, do not cut off the twine.

Step 3:-

Find a large cup or bowl that can fit your pinecone in it well. We want the base of this bowl to be closed when the pinecone is placed in it.  We used 6 different containers for this step.


Step 4:-

Using the dish cloth, start rubbing the oil around the bowl’s inside and place the twine wrapped pinecone inside this bowl. Let the twine sit on the outside of the bowl.

Step 5:-

After the wax has melted fully, slowly pour the wax in the bowl which has the pinecone and let the wax dry up which will be quick.


Step 6:-

After 5 minutes of letting the wax dry up, pull the pinecone out of the bowl slowly by twisting it a little bit.

Step 7:-

Now cut off the excess wick and this it, your DIY pinecone fire starters are ready for use, gifting or decoration.


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