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DIY portable fire pit

The winter is about to end and that is the time when you can really enjoy the sweet cold outside in your yard. What is the best thing you can do for that passing winter tie, of course a little romantic date with your significant other. Lighting is the only thing that brings out the real love in a date and that is what most people arrange a candle light dinner but today we bring to you a DIY portable fire pit.

This DIY portable fire pit is elegant in its design and making it is not a hassle at all as the materials needed for it are really cheap and simple.




For making the DIY portable fire pit, you will need the following materials.

  • Marine silicone
  • Some cheap-priced glass frames
  • Rocks
  • A metal mesh that can be bought from a hardware store
  • Gel fuel
  • A metal planter that comes with a lip


Step 1:-

After you get the planter and have those cheap glass frames that are going to fit around your planter nicely comes the making of this whole DIY portable fire pit.

Step 2:-

Now you need to make the glass box by running one thin bead of the silicone along the edges of one of the glass panels. Place another panel over this silicone edge panel. Press both of the glass panels’ edges and hold them for a while.

Step 3:-

Apply the silicone on the second panel’s edge and then prop both sides upward for keeping them straight until they fully dry up.


Step 4:-

After the silicone on both of the sides has completely dried up, flip this glass box over for letting the open edge of the box face toward you. Run another this bead of the silicone along the exposed edges of the glass.


Step 5:-

Now place the final glass panel between the 2 siliconed edges gently as you do not want the silicone to be smeared.


Step 6:-

With this, your glass box will be ready. Let the entire siliconed glass box dry up for a whole 15 minutes. If the silicone squeezes out a little bit, don’t get alarmed as it can be cleaned up with a razor after it dries up.

Step 7:-

Now run the silicone across the entire glass box edge and flip it over. Place this silicone edge on the top of the metal planter. Be sure that there is enough of the edge in the center so that the metal mesh can rest over it.


Step 8:-

After your structure for the portable fire pit is ready, only little bit of tweaking is required for preparing he fire in it. Cut the piece of the mesh for fitting inside the glass box. It is going to rest on the planter’s lip. Place the opened can of the gel fuel in the planter’s center.

Step 9:-

Use enough of the mesh for covering the planter’s entire surface as it rests on the planter’s small edge.


Step 10:-

Now cover this mesh with the rocks while leaving some space in between these rocks for allowing the oxygen so that fire remains lit.


Step 11:-

Clear these rocks away from the top from the fuel gel and light this gel fuel with care. We used the advanced technique in which we lit up a piece of the spaghetti and then lit the fuel gel with it.


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