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DIY postcard journals

There is a good chance that over the course of many years and the holidays in those years, you might have gathered a huge stack of the postcards. Well if you have you can rest assured that we have a little DIY project to make good use of them but first let us ask you a question. Do you like list-making and note-taking? Well, if you do then you will love this DIY project we call DIY Postcard Journals. You can fill these super easy to make DIY postcard journals with ideas, lists, and notes or simply give them to your friends for fun.




You will be in need of these following items for making this DIY postcard journal.

  • 4” x 6” postcard
  • 2 pieces of 8.5” x 11” paper
  • x-Acto blade
  • ruler
  • cutting mat
  • bone folder
  • stapler


As we said earlier, making these Diy postcard journals is super easy and cheap. You will need simple supplies, much of what is already available in any house, for making these journals. As for the DIY process, we have broken it down in 4 easy to follow steps with pictures.

Step 1:-

Take the piece of paper and cut a length about 1 inch off its side. This will make the paper to be now 7.5” x 11”. Repeat this same step with the other piece of the paper sheet.


Step 2:-

Now fold each of these previously cut paper sheets into quarters and then cut along their folded lines.


Step 3:-

This is the step where you will stack the pages i.e. 2 pieces of the paper will give 8 pages and after that fold them in half. Use the bone folder for creating a nice clean fold. Fold the postcard in half and then smooth it down its crease with the bone folder.


Step 4:-

Center the stack of pages on the postcard’s back while lining up its creases. Flip the postcard over and secure the paper sheets with 2 staples along the postcard journal’s folded line. There you have it your DIY postcard journal is ready.


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