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DIY Project: Beaded Coasters

Let us ask you a question, are you annoyed with your guest coming to your house and drinking coffee but never using the coasters underneath cups and hence leave cup rings on your furniture? If so then it might be because your coasters are not that attractive looking. Well, we have a solution for that and that is the DIY beaded coasters.

We are sure that next time anyone comes and sees them lying on your table they are going to pick them up and ask you about them and then you tell them these are coasters, honey, use them.




Materials needed for making these beaded coasters, as you might have deduced include the beads as the primary thing.  Well, the rest of the time are as follows.

  • Wire, the size of which depends upon the beads you will be using
  • Small beads
  • Wire cutters


The beaded coasters project is really a simple one and when we say that it is completed in a jiffy, then believe us, we are not lying. Follow the down below steps for making these beaded coasters. If you are stumped anywhere; which you won’t be, we have laid down pictures for each step as well.

Step 1:-

Cut a section of your ire for about 15 inches in length and thread your beads in this wire. You might need to take out or add in more beads as you try to shape your coasters, so there is no need to worry about being accurate.


Step 2:-

Shape these wires in varying shapes roughly and check that any mug you use for guest sits perfectly on these beads. This is the point, where you can choose to add in or remove the beads for creating an even shape, like in our case a triangle-shaped beaded coaster.


Step 3:-

After the shape of the beaded coaster is completed, tie the wires and then trim off the excess wire part.


Step 4:-

A tip here is to make these beaded coasters in varying shapes and colors. Also be sure to make them by checking if your cups, mugs or glasses sit on them well. Adding varying shapes and colors intrigues the curiosity of the guests for trying them and also adds a nice look on the table.


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