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DIY Project Bundle Dyed Table Runner

Today we bring to you one of the natural dyeing technique which is known by bundle dying. This dyeing technique makes use of the everyday ordinary items to create the dye. Some of these items are present in your fridge or in your gardens like the food scraps and the new and old leaves. What you do with them is to put them all in hot water and then extract their color. But what we did today is really interesting and this is what led to our DIY project, the bundle dyed table  runner.


We made use of all the items we could get our hands for bundle dye and wrapped them inside a cloth and pout them for steaming. This is the basis of the bundle dyeing and of our little project. However, the great thing is that the results are really beautiful and eye-catching color technique.

For our project of creating a table runner with bundle dye technique, we made use of avocado skins that give off pink color, onions, and the marigold followers gave us yellow and orange colors. Cabbage results in blue and purple while berries give off red colors. Other times that can be sued in the bundle dyeing for making a table runners include the carrot tops, grounded coffee beans, tea bags, leaves, barks, plants, grasses, nuts and even the rusty items.


You can search for other items to make your own bundle dyed table runner with items scattered around the house that catch your eye. We will tell you as to how to make the DIY table runner down below in a short while.

While the table runner that we made with the items that we used did not give off the exact color hue that we were going for but it was still a fun project to finish. After steaming the table runner in the bundle dye, we had to wait for an entire 24 hours. Despite the avocado skin did not give off a brighter hue, the smell of it after the steam was really nice making it a little scented. As for the lavender, it also did not give off dark colors but due to its antiseptic properties, the steam allowed it to become a fabric with insect repellent properties.


The combination made with these table runners using the bundle dye technique makes these a perfect addition to the fall season.

So what do you say, should we get started with our little project? Well, we are sure that after hearing much about this, you would want to taste the magnificence of the whole thing.




Materials needed for the Bundle Dyed table runner are really simple as we explained before. Most of the items are already present in your house. What you don’t have can easily get. The following are the items needed for making the table runner with the bundle dye technique.

  • A piece of Fabric with 14 by 90 inches dimension which is to be prewashed. We recommend using the cotton fabric as the natural fabrics are best when it comes to dyeing. Silk and wool are also other great options.
  • Dye stuff
  • Stick or a piece of pipe
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Double steamer
  • Tin foil


Follow the down below instructions to the letter for creating a table runner with a bundle dyeing technique. To help make the process a lot smoother for our readers, we have also attached helpful pictures for each step.

Step 1:-

The first step is to prepare one’s fabric for the dyeing process. Be sure that the fabric is already washed. Before one starts the dyeing process, they need to remember that the fabric needs to be mordant before starting. One of the easiest ways for this we could find was the method known as “Pot As Mordant”. For this process, one needs to soak their fabric placed inside an iron, aluminum or a copper pot for one hour. After that, they need to simmer it on low heat for another hour. Afterward, let the fabric sit in this water pot for the night.

For those who do not have this kind of pot, we have another method for mordant. Soak the fabric that is needed for bundle dyeing in a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar for 1 hour.


Step 2:-

The next step is to take the fabric out in the morning and wring any of the excess liquid out of it carefully. After the cloth is only moist, lay the items you desire for bundle dyeing on one half of the fabric and then fold this fabric half over the other one.

Step 3:-

In order to start the roll, place a pipe or a piece of stick on the one end of the fabric. Now wrap the whole fabric and then secure it shut with twine.


Step 4:-

This step is the main one in the whole bundle dyeing technique.  Place this wrapped piece of fabric inside a double steamer and let it steam for about 2 hours. If the pot is not enough to hold inside the whole fabric bundle, then you can place the bundle side and then seal the pot with the tin foil.

One needs to flip this fabric bundle after every 30 minutes. If the fabric happens to be a tightly woven one, it might require some additional steaming. The average time for a cotton bundle to be steamed is 2 hours. After the steaming is done, let the fabric bundle sit for the night so the colors can set into the fabric.


Step 5:-

In the morning, cut the twine off of the bundle and unroll the fabric bundle. Remove any of the excess dye items. Rinse the fabric lightly and then remove any excess water. Let the fabric air dry and then press it on low heat.


Step 6:-

To finish your table runner, sew the edges of the table runner about a quarter inch away.


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