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DIY Project: Clay Platters

The thing that makes every dinner hosting great is the presentation. While the good food is a great way to make dinner memorable, presentation of the said dinner that actually makes it worthwhile remembering in the memories of the guests. But a good presentation requires a lot of time to lay out the beautiful decorations to create a beautifully styled dinner table.

A great tip to make a meal really presentable is to lay out the gorgeous crockery and beautiful platters. Well, we have something else in mind like the platter board. These platter boards are a great way of presenting the meal on a table in a cleaner way and inviting the guests to help themselves. While not everyone can buy them, we have come up with the DIY project, Clay platters.

You can easily make them with only some air dry clay to make your next dinner party simply perfect.


Materials needed for the DIY project, Clay platters are s follows.

  • Air-dry clay
  • Clay roller
  • Craft knife
  • Sponge brush
  • Varnish
  • Baking paper


Instructions to the whole DIY project, clay palters are as follows.

Step 1:-

Take your sheet of baking paper and place it over the solid surface. The baking sheet will prevent the clay from getting stuck on the surface as you make use of it. It will also allow for the easier flipping of the clay whilst you need to roll it out.

With the help of the clay roller, gently roll and even out the clay in a large rectangle which is about ¼ inches in thickness.

Step 2:-

This step requires a little bit of your crafting work. Take the crafting knife and carefully cut out the clay to form the shape of a platter board. Skim off the excess surface lightly so if there are any mistakes, they can be fixed by blending the clay back.

Step 3:-

After you are done making the right shape of the platter, cut out the clay all the way through with the knife. Use the indented lines for making clean cuts.

Step 4:-

If there are any cracks in the platter shape, even them out by wetting that part of the clay and then running fingers over these imperfections.

For giving the crisp edges to your platter board shape, run the craft knife down on this wet clay while removing any of the excessive clay.

Step 5:-

With the help of straw or any other cylindrical object, create a little hole on the handle of the platter shape for passing a holding storing.

Now let the clay platter board dry out for at least 48 hours while turning over the sides after every 24 hours.

Step 6:-

After the clay is dry and gives off the clear white color, the clay platter board is ready to get varnished. First, take the sandpaper and start sanding out the edges as well as even out any imperfections that are on both surfaces of the clay platter board.

Step 7:-

For varnishing, we recommend using a water-based glassy varnish that can make contact with the food safely. With the help of a sponge brush, apply a very thin layer of the varnish over the platter board. The reason for using the sponge brush is that it is going to absorb any of the excessive varnish that might leave a yellow tint if not applied perfectly onto the clay platter board. Keep the varnish layers thin and let them dry fully as you apply 3 to 4 coats of varnish.

After the varnish gets dried up, clean your clay platter board but do not do it by putting under the water or else it will disintegrate.

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