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DIY Project: Clay Wind Charm

Wind charms are nice to have around the house. They just add a certain sense of tranquility in your mind when you see them hanging at your front door or in the garden in summer as they clang under that light wind. Nowadays there is a trend of hanging things like fruits to pants in bowls and we decided to draw in on the original wind chime project.

We came upon the DIY project, clay wind charm where you make the disks of different shapes to hang inside the house. We made use of the clay instead of the metal to make them decorative in the aesthetics aspect.


Materials which are needed to make the clay wind charm are as follows.

  • Air-dry clay
  • Plastic wine glasses which are disposable and have detachable bases
  • Cotton cord
  • Roller
  • Crafting knife


Follow the following step by step instructions to a DIY project, Clay wind charm. To help along the way, we added in some pictures to make the DIY process a whole lot smoother.

Step 1:-

Take a piece of the air-dry clay and moisten it up a bit. Lay it on the surface and make it only 1/8 inches thick. Place your plastic wine glass over this clay piece and cut out around it to have a clay disc.

Step 2:-

Turn your glass over and then place its stem on this circular clay disc to press in a hole in the center.

Step 3:-

Now push your clay disc down the stem of the glass and further press it to flatten it out on the bottom side of the glass. If there are any cracks during his process, you can make them smooth again with the use of some water.

Step 4:-

After all the disks you need for your wind chime are made, take the remaining clay and form small beads from it to be placed in the center of the clay discs. With the help of a skewer, make small holes right through the middle of these clay balls.

Step 5:-

Let these clay discs and clay balls to dry for at least 24 hours. After the clay is dried up and to remove it from the bottom of the glass, make use of the crafting knife. Slowly run it on the edge of the clay disc and then gently pull it off. With sandpaper, sand the rough edges until they are smooth.

Step 6:-

Take a cord and run it through all these pieces in a way that each bead is holding on to the clay piece beneath it.

Step 7:-

After all the strands of the clay chime are completed, tie the excessive thread onto a piece of branch and then hand the branch anywhere in the room you like.

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