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DIY Project: Corner Organizer

An average apartment is a lot smaller for things to be sorted out like the clothes lying all over the place or mufflers lying down here and there. There is simply not enough room to place another one of these large hanging racks. In order to cover up for these organizer needs, we came up with a fun little project we like to call DIY Corner Organizer. This corner organizer is really a great way to create an illusion of the room being quite big but also if you pace it in a dark corner of the room, it will brighten up the room.

Another great thing about the corner organizer project is that it is made with only three little items and they are also very cheap to buy and only a little bit of time will be needed for making it. The end result, you will have a nice-looking corner organizer for your room. So say bye-bye to the messy rooms.




Items needed to make the corner organizer are as follows.

  • Wooden dowels
  • Towel holders
  • Spray paint


Do not worry about this Diy project to be a time consuming one. You will have a corner organizer before you know it. Just follow the down below steps to making the corner organizer.

Step 1:-

Remove the inner section made of rubber of your towel holders. They are quite easy to remove and make sure that your wooden dowel is able to fit into the open spaces of these towel holders.


Step 2:-

Spray paint the metal section of these towel holders with light layers of spray paint. This will allow for your corner organizer to shine brightly with colors. After painting these towel holders, let them dry.


Step 3:-

With the use of a spirited level, hold up the wooden dowel horizontally at the height you would like it to form a rail for the corner organizer. Hold this pole in place at the desired height and mark the position for each end on the wall with a pencil.

Peel the tab off of the back of one of the towel holders and secure it on the wall where you have just marked with a pencil. Insert the wooden dowel in the towel holder which is attached to the wall.


Step 4:-

Peel the back tab from the other towel holder as well and place it on the other end of the dowel and attach this one on the other mark.


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